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A Bid to Bring the Field of Commerce Out of its Monotony

Human beings have always had the knowhow to do a lot, but whenever push came to shove, there turned out to be nothing that we did better than growing on a consistent basis. This progressive approach, on our part, has already got the world to hit upon some huge milestones, with technology appearing as a major member of the stated group. The reason why technology enjoys such an esteemed stature among people is, by and large, predicated upon its skill-set, which ushered us towards a reality that nobody could have ever imagined otherwise. Nevertheless, if we look up close for a second, it will become clear how the whole runner was also very much inspired from the way we applied those skills across a real world environment. The latter component was, in fact, what gave the creation a spectrum-wide presence, and consequentially, kickstarted a tech revolution. Of course, this revolution then went on to scale up the human experience through some outright unique avenues, but even after achieving such a monumental feat, technology will somehow continue to produce the right goods. The same has grown increasingly evident over the recent past, and assuming one new healthcare-themed development shakes out just like we envision, it will only make that trend bigger and better moving forward.

IDEXX Laboratories, Inc., a global leader in pet healthcare innovation, has officially launched a first-of-its-kind slide-free cellular analyzer called of the IDEXX inVue Dx™ Cellular Analyzer, which is designed to detect the most common cytologic changes found in ear and blood samples. According to certain reports, the stated analyzer leverages deep AI models learning models trained by IDEXX board-certified pathologists, to deliver at the practitioner’s disposal reference-laboratory quality results in no more than 10 minutes. Notably enough, unlike the methods we have seen in this area so far, the brand new IDEXX inVue Dx™ Cellular Analyzer examines cells in their natural state so to bring forth multidimensional images of sample findings and generate diagnostic insights like never before. Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper level, it begins from a seamless and slide-free workflow where manual effort and variability is eliminated, thus ensuring consistent analysis of measurement for ear cytology and blood morphology, including rechecks. Next up, we have already referred to how the analyzer can provide multidimensional assessment, an ability which goes a long way in helping it produce images of cells at a contrast quality that a microscope can never supply.  Then, there is the prospect of completely automated blood morphology. Available for identifying and quantifying common red blood cell, white blood cell, and platelet morphologic changes, the said feature will only further facilitate our pursuit to achieve an efficient hematology picture if we place it alongside IDEXX’s existing ProCyte Dx or ProCyte One automated hematology analyzer. Not just that, IDEXX’s latest brainchild literally boasts integration potential with company’s entire point-of-care analyzers, practice management systems, and its VetConnect® PLUS solution, powered by the IDEXX’s  VetLab® Station. The ecosystem that will likely emerge from it should prove useful, as far as comprehending results, determining next steps, and aiding seamless charge capture is concerned. This is joined by a pledge to conceive continuous platform menu expansion that will mirror IDEXX’s Technology for Life strategy. The same, for instance, refers to enhancing the ability to screen lumps and bumps with fine needle aspirate samples planned next. To round up the highlights, we must go back to the analyzer’s deep AI learning models that are more than just adequately helped through the training they got from over ten million patient sample images.

“For decades, practitioners like myself have struggled with the inadequacies of slide-based samples and now, with the IDEXX inVue Dx analyzer, the slide-free workflow is a game-changer backed by technology that provides the confidence we need to provide an accurate diagnosis for our patients,” said Guillermo Couto, DVM, DACVIM (SAIM, Oncology). “Additionally, when paired with the ProCyte Dx® or ProCyte One® hematology analyzer, the IDEXX inVue Dx analyzer will provide rapid analysis of blood cell morphology, aiding veterinarians to arrive at a diagnosis almost instantly.”

Contextualizing the importance of such a development is a fact that U.S. veterinary practices run more than 33 million cytology and morphology tests annually, and to do so, they often rely on manual and cumbersome processes conducted with a microscope. These processes involve sample and slide preparation which alone can take between 10 and 20 minutes. Making things even worse is how conventional microscopy results are almost always technique-sensitive and open to subjective interpretation. Hold on, there is more. You see, while approximately two-thirds of IDEXX in-clinic automated hematology tests report abnormal cell counts or other significant findings that would prompt a blood morphology assessment for further investigation, the complexity and time required to perform manual microscopy means this step is often skipped. Like you can guess, the stated oversight eventually bolsters the probability of practitioners missing clinical insights that could be integral for realizing improved patient outcomes.

Founded in 1983, IDEXX’s story of rising up the ranks has been spelled by all the innovations it has brought in to scale up pet healthcare. Not just pets, these innovations have also proven handy in maintaining the safety of milk and water across the world, and therefore, ensuring the health and well-being of people and livestock. IDEXX’ excellence in what it does can also be understood once you consider it is a member of S&P 500® Index, while simultaneously enjoying a presence in well over 175 countries.

“Veterinary professionals are exceedingly busy and are eager for ways to increase capacity,” said Jay Mazelsky, President and Chief Executive Officer of IDEXX Laboratories. “We strive to be at the forefront of practice-changing innovation, and the IDEXX inVue Dx analyzer is our latest cutting-edge solution that creates efficiencies, provides deeper clinical insights, and increases practitioners’ confidence in their patients’ diagnoses and treatment plans.”

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