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Tuesday, September 28, 2021
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A Flaw So Expensive

It’s barely a secret that our lives aren’t directed by just one dynamic. Every major or minor event we go through is the ultimate culmination to a whole package of elements that are always working in sync. These elements are reasonably versatile, thus complementing humans’ ability to entertain a broad selection of thoughts and feelings. One such element that has driven us by and large for a long time now is our undying pursuit for perfection. Even though it’s not openly admitted by everyone, the truth is that we are always looking to clock that point of perfection in literally everything we do. It has been one of our primary motivators. After all, the idea of hitting the nail in the end is known to get us going like nothing else. We might not have achieved success in this area every single time, but it has kept us close to our eventual goal, pretty much acting as a mental map at times. Due to this, we have been able to deliver on the bold ideas envisioned across the board with a never-seen-before accuracy rate. However, if this is true, then the theory that humans can never be perfect also holds some stock.

Yes, we are always vying to be flawlessly successful in all our undertakings, but every now and then we are made to realize that we can’t help but make ‘some mistakes’ at the least. Philips product recall debacle reinforces that big-time.

Following the safety concerns over their sleep apnea and ventilator devices, Philips had ordered recall of the said products. At the time, the company had reassured everyone that no injuries were reported in relation to the devices, but FDA have disputed that claim right from the get-go, and now the administration has officially labeled the recall as ‘Class I’ event, highlighting the high-severity of it. FDA revealed that over 100 injuries and 1,200 complaints have been reported in regards to Philips’ products like DreamStation and SystemOne models.

FDA also detailed how these products are affecting patients. According to the administration, the users are potentially being exposed to toxic chemicals as a result of foam malfunctioning. The interaction with these harmful foam particles can cause serious implications like inflammation, vomiting, and carcinogenic effects.

The fiasco has triggered a 17% decrease in Philips’ stock price, with total costs expected to fall over 500 million.

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