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A Long-due Push to Fully Leverage Healthcare Industry’s Data Goldmine

Apixio has officially announced the launch of Apixio Health Data Nexus™, which will alter the way medical institutions integrate, analyze, and utilize data to drive positive outcomes across the wider healthcare ecosystem. To understand the significance of such a development, we must consider that, even though healthcare industry contributes to nearly 30% of the total global data (approximately 137 terabytes of data daily), it hasn’t been able to leverage it for a suitable amount of return. This is because the sector’s structured and unstructured data collection happens to be enormously fragmented, unorganized, and difficult to access. Such a challenge has kept those comprehensive analytical insights from improving patient outcomes and increasing operational efficiency. Apixio’s Health Data Nexus, fortunately enough, will tackle that by using a data lake and highly trained AI models to access and manage the influx of data, as well extract predictive insights that lead to better patient care and operational efficiencies. Available on Apixio’s Connected Car Platform, the stated solution will also integrate with solutions for Risk Adjustment, Payment Integrity, and AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS), to conceive a comprehensive data view throughout an enterprise.

Talk about the solution on a slightly deeper level, it will bring to the fore a unified chart retrieval and data acquisition mechanism, where one can streamline the ingestion and normalization of diverse data types, including charts, prescriptions, lab results, and notes, into a neat indexed format. Next up, the stated Nexus will provide advanced data filtering, quick navigation, and document keyword search capabilities to scale up productivity across the board. We touched on the prospect of accessing AI-driven insights, they should practically help users in identifying health trends and risks for improved care management. Moving on, Apixio’s Health Data Nexus also comes well-equipped to manage population health as whole. This it does by stratifying the relevant population segment to pinpoint risks on both the provider and patient level, thus eventually birthing more effective preventative and disease management programs.

“In healthcare, the potential of unified health data has remained largely untapped due to technological and organizational barriers,” said Sachin Patel, CEO of Apixio. “With the launch of Health Data Nexus, we are poised to help break down these walls, offering a solution that transforms and elevates the fidelity and usability of health data. Health Data Nexus is our next step in executing our vision to create a world where healthcare decisions are well-informed, proactive, and drive long-term resiliency. We want to democratize health data and create new value – on a tangible, per member basis.”

Hold on, we still have a few bits left to unpack, as we are still yet to mention the new solution’s intuitive command center. This command center, in simple terms, makes it easy for users to access, manage, and share charts in real-time. Joining the same is a set of secure sharing capabilities which drives efficiency and trust across various different departments and third-party vendors. The last genuine highlight here talks to Apixio Health Data Nexus’ pledge of supporting secure role-based data management. Reinforcing the security pointer is a fact that it offers cloud-based data security with SOC2 and HITRUST certification, alongside key standards, and roles-based access to protect patient information.


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