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A Technology-Driven Take on Your Cardiac Health

In life, human beings are required to learn a lot of lessons, but learning how to adapt to different situations is probably the most important piece of knowledge we can ever pick. You see, this is what allows us to expand our horizons, and therefore, become considerably better over time. Now, when there is such a progressive dynamic running the show, all the future prospects are bound to be sensational as well. However, in hindsight, we can safely say that none were more sensational than technology. Technology runs away with the honor here due to a wide variety of reasons, and a humongous one here is its work in the global medical sector. Mixing technology with healthcare wasn’t an idea that garnered much confidence in the initial days, except things will flip rather dramatically once the creation starts a long-awaited transition. Before we could realize, every outdated medical methodology was out of the door. Interestingly enough, they were replaced by a cutting-edge framework, thus literally transforming the way we look at human healthcare. Even today technology is continuing to defy every limit across the medical discipline. The evidence for it was, in fact, on full display during Peloton’s recent launch.

Peloton has officially released its Bluetooth heart rate band, which uses optical heart rate sensors to deliver extensive cardiac health-related information. Priced at $90, the device marks Peloton’s entry into a new segment. Prior to this, the company has introduced various other medtech permutations, including Bike, Bike Plus, and Tread. Apart from it, it also has a claim on the chest strap that essentially boasts similar offerings as the new band, but with the latest release, Peloton has finally delivered a far more convenient way to do the job. Taking an in-depth look into heart rate band’s features, it sports five different LED lights. The purpose of these lights is to inform you about which heart rate zone you are functioning in at a given time. Furthermore, they also give you details like battery levels, and Bluetooth connectivity status.

In a bid to bolster its value even more, Peloton has made sure that the device is compatible with company’s Strive Score Metric. Strive Score is basically an avenue to gauge the time you have spent in a particular heart rate zone. By using it, you can stand to gain a through insight into your workout intensity and progress. As of today, Peloton’s heart rate band is available in US, Canada, UK, Germany, and Australia.

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