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A Whole Lab on a Patch

Human beings, as we know, are always trying to scale things up in one capacity or the other. This helps us big time with our pursuit to achieve constant growth. However, the whole process is notably plagued by its own set of difficulties. For instance, when you are trying to progress on a rather consistent basis, the first element you would need is a unique set of ideas, as you cannot throw the same one for every new foray. We, on our part, will stay mindful about that until we stumble upon technology. Technology’s arrival was such a life-altering experience due to many reasons, but most of all, it was due to the creation’s unprecedented reach. You see, it had something for every single area on our spectrum. This also included our global healthcare sector. Technology’s link-up with healthcare came at a time when the latter was really suffering on the back of all its obsolete methodologies. Nevertheless, despite the huge work required to fix things up here, the creation would emerge successful. In fact, the famous medtech collaboration is still producing all the right goods, and one recent development does a lot to prove it.

The researching team at University of California has successfully developed a wearable device, which uses a disposable microneedle patch to sample and analyze interstitial fluid. As per certain reports, the device is well-equipped in terms of measuring different health parameters like glucose, alcohol level, and lactate level. Interestingly enough, it is also connected to a reusable electronic device for the purpose of communicating results with a dedicated smartphone app. Designed to collect data in real-time, the University of California’s latest brainchild is a device that can be really helpful for people who are suffering from conditions such as diabetes.

“With our wearable, people can see the interplay between their glucose spikes or dips with their diet, exercise and drinking of alcoholic beverages. That could add to their quality of life as well,” said Farshad Tehrani, one of the authors of the study.

Talk about the device’s construction, it is the size of six quarters. While it is applied to the skin through a Velcro-like patch of microscopic needles, the whole thing doesn’t get painful for the patient, as these needles barely penetrate the skin. So far, the researchers have tested the device on five volunteers, who wore it and simultaneously performed tasks like eating a meal, exercising, and drinking a glass of wine. If we look at the available details, the device produced results similar to what was put-forth by a traditional glucose monitor, Breathalyzer, and blood lactate measurements performed in the lab.

“This is like a complete lab on the skin,” said Joseph Wang, one of the developers of the new device. “It is capable of continuously measuring multiple biomarkers at the same time, allowing users to monitor their health and wellness as they perform their daily activities.”

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