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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Acting on Time

Human beings’ tendency to evolve into a better version of their own self is largely driven by their ability to reset their goals. We know that our purpose is continuous, and we must keep on striving for that next step. This, as you can guess, helps us in avoiding stagnation. However, that’s not the only thing we are trying to achieve here. If our fear of stagnating is big, then our desire for a better life is bigger. Over the years, we have tried every trick in the book to bolster up the quality of our lives. Not all the attempts have been successful, but the ones that did work left an indelible mark. One from the latter category is technology. While technology was always intended to become a meaningful supporting piece in our lives, no one really saw it becoming the focal point that we see it as today. Now, you can’t argue with the fact that it changed our lives in every possible way, but the principles on which technology is built aren’t entirely different from what we have been rigorously following all this while. For instance, even technology moves on to a better version once it has clocked its ceiling on a particular stage. It trudges ahead with a hope of forming an improved take. This theory has been reinforced many times, and its latest piece of backing is too recent to ignore.

EarlySign, a prodigal developer of AI-powered clinical predictive analytics, has announced a partnership with Roche Diagnostics International Ltd this week, as the two companies look to design a solution that facilitates early detection of cancer. By relying on personalization of data, the solution will put a foundation for treatment that can prove to be more effective under a particular set of circumstances. Furthermore, it is expected to enhance the data flow, which if managed well, will lead to quicker and more accurate decisions. It must be noted that the addition of machine learning technology here is what makes the whole setup so unique. This feature won’t just enable medical professionals to detect an already commenced cancer-cycle, but it will also signal the patients who are at a high-risk of developing it at some point in future.

“By coupling our proven machine learning infrastructure and data science expertise with the global leadership of Roche, we are looking forward to bringing forth a new class of predictive tools to make a significant contribution to improve human health,” Ori Geva, Co-founder and CEO of EarlySign.

To get the ball rolling, the two partners will be initially focusing on gastric cancer due to its asymptomatic nature in the early stages. Once they have full established the technology, EarlySign and Roche plan on taking it across the globe.

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