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Advocating for Healthcare Efficiency with Right Insights at the Right Time

Apixio, a leading healthcare data and analytics company, has officially announced a strategic partnership with Vim, a leading point-of-care connection platform, to enhance accurate condition capture during the patient visit and improve patient care. According to certain reports, the stated partnership will leverage Apixio’s expertise in analyzing structured and unstructured data for enhanced risk adjustment so to enable seamless integration within clinical workflows. Markedly enough, the kind of insights Apixio can generate by doing so include sophisticated analytics and reporting capabilities, capabilities that can be useful when the agenda is to monitor performance, promote provider participation, and identify educational opportunities. In the given partnership’s scope, this Apixio expertise will be combined with Vim’s advanced bi-directional EHR capabilities so to provide high-confidence diagnosis insights directly into point-of-care workflows. Vim’s bi-directional EHR capabilities make a case for themselves by ensuring that only the up-to-date, accurate documentation is captured within the EHR’s problem list and assessment/plan section. Such consideration then does a lot to reduce clinicians’ administrative burden, while simultaneously helping you achieve complete and accurate coding. Meant to enhance provider engagement and productivity, this promise of intuitive and seamless experience will also aid users across the Apixio Prospective Suite.

Talk about the whole value proposition on a slightly deeper level, we begin from the comprehensive AI insights that will be available at the point of care. These insights will be, of course, obtained from Apixio’s industry-leading AI risk adjustment solution which identifies suspected and recaptured diagnosis conditions through mining of structured and unstructured data sources, such as medications, labs, radiology reports, encounter notes, and more. Next up, we must get into how the partnership will try and achieve seamless integration across EHRs. You see, by conceiving efficient and user-friendly EHR integration, the partners will basically help users enjoy fast time to value, reduced manual effort, as well as accurate documentation with a set of advanced write-back capabilities. Then, there is the prospect of high provider engagement and acceptance. Banking upon the easy access and usability of Apixio’s insights within the provider’s workflow, this combined solution will help every user drive better outcomes, thus naturally generating greater engagement and acceptance across the board.

“We’re excited with our platform-to-platform partnership with Vim to advance toward an outcomes-based healthcare system. Integrating Apixio’s AI insights and predictions into Vim’s EHR point-of-care connections enables clinicians to spend more time on patient care and less on administrative work,” said Sachin Patel, CEO of Apixio. “This partnership goes beyond just technology integration – it signifies a pivotal change in minimizing provider friction in prospective risk adjustment, which is key to enhancing patient outcomes.”

Rounding up highlights would be the solution’s skill in the context of tracking program performance. The development in question will make that happen using analytics and reporting, both the elements geared towards measuring provider engagement and supporting provider education opportunities.

“With a shared goal of transforming healthcare, we see a great opportunity for our partnership with Apixio to make a difference in value-based care by taking the right steps toward a more efficient, informed, and patient-focused care delivery system and empowering clinicians with the right insights at the right time,” said Oron Afek, CEO of Vim.


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