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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

AMC Health: Remote Patient Monitoring Advances Health Equity and Access to Care

Virtual care and Remote Patient Monitoring (“RPM”) have helped to transform healthcare delivery, as well as to maximize patient care treatment and provide greater access to care. This shift continues to expand across populations as healthcare organizations work to improve patient care, manage the cost of these chronic illnesses, account for social determinants of health and advance health equity through access to care. RPM and virtual care help healthcare organizations detect disease decompensation sooner and deliver ongoing chronic condition management. The end result allows for timelier intervention, increased patient education and empowerment, and improved overall patient-physician relationships. Meanwhile RPM and virtual care facilitate early detection to mitigate costly trajectories by introducing timelier interventions at the earliest opportunity, long before a costly acute exacerbation becomes inevitable. These signs can be manifest both in terms of physiometric data from monitoring devices as well as from patient (or caregiver) self-reported, symptom information. The ultimate goals of these programs are to support reduction of avoidable admissions and ER visits, while improving the overall quality of care and patient experience while maintaining good cost and quality outcomes. At this juncture is where AMC Health, a cloud-based telemedicine solution, is creating a difference. AMC Health’s suite of solutions leverages a superior analytics platform and a simple user interface which integrates easily into clinical workflows.

AMC Health’s RPM and Virtual Care solutions removes the barriers of access to care including transportation and childcare costs, allows patients to receive care from the comfort of their homes, which reduces missed appointments and condition exacerbation and improves the member experience through removing the frustration associated with in-person care such as long waiting room times. RPM improves data driven clinical decision making by providing a more holistic view of a patient’s health over time, increases the visibility of a patient’s adherence to a treatment, and enables timely intervention before a costly episode of care. Clinicians can improve their relationships, and improve the experience of, their patients by using the data sent to them via RPM to develop a personalized care plan and to engage in joint decision making to help improve outcomes. Caregivers are also able to gain visibility into the care of their loved ones as well as engage in the application to also have a better understanding of their condition through health education resources and alert notification.

As the company’s CEO Nesim Bildirici points out, “AMC Health’s purpose is to strengthen the connection between payers, physicians, patients, and caregivers by expanding care where people live. Combining our biometric measurements, advanced analytics and predetermined clinical processes, payers have near real-time actionable, real-time data to support their members and providers.” A high-powered analytics platform, coupled with clinical processes and in-home monitoring devices produces a longitudinal record of a person’s experience. Payers and providers can leverage this longitudinal view to inform and deploy these enhanced care management tactics that lower the cost of healthcare, reduce unnecessary healthcare encounters, and improve overall outcomes.

Since its inception, AMC Health has been a pioneer in delivering solutions that could redefine the way traditional healthcare works. AMC Health has 20 years of experience providing Virtual Care and Remote Patient Monitoring solutions. Moreover, AMC Health’s advanced, real-time, analytics-driven, virtual care solutions have driven outstanding and measurable outcomes to hundreds of thousands of patients across the healthcare continuum, including payers, provider systems and governmental agencies.  Its FDA Class II 510(k)-cleared, clinical decision support platform is combined with end-to-end, clinical and support RPM services that enable healthcare organizations to confidently extend their services beyond the four walls of hospital and ambulatory clinic settings. AMC Health’s unparalleled corpus of peer-reviewed, published studies highlight clinical improvements for conditions including heart failure, diabetes, and hypertension, resulting in reductions in hospital admissions and substantial financial returns on investment. “Our current development efforts are focused on new therapeutic areas like high-risk maternity, oncology and how to capture and incorporate data for wearable devices. This activity will improve actionable analytics while minimizing the “point solution” and “additional clinician workflow” challenges. AMC Health has also partnered with GE Healthcare to extend care beyond the clinical setting and enable more patients to continue to receive quality care from the comfort of their homes, delivering healthcare without limits,” concludes Bildirici.

AMC Health

Nesim Bildirici, CEO


“AMC Health’s purpose is to strengthen the connection between payers, physicians, patients, and caregivers by expanding care where people live.”