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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

An Important First Step

Technology’s progressive nature has taken us to places we never thought we would ever get to explore. It’s not to say that there were no roadblocks along the way though. In fact, there were many that even threatened to derail the tech revolution, but eventually technology would emerge victorious. Like us humans, it would also turn to pushing its boundaries as a way of dealing with adversity, which absolutely means that, with every hurdle, we got to see technology taking an even better shape. One of the hurdles that it faced was the sense of doubt put forth by the experts over its reliability in critical environments. Mind you, technology was considered as transformative right out of the gate, but using it in situations that were of great importance still evoked uncertainty. So, as indicated earlier, the phenomenon had to get even better for earning the trust of these experts, and it did so with unparalleled success. Technology’s attempt to prove itself as reliable across every scenario included many examples, but the most significant of the lot had to be the medical field. The shades of this creation becoming integral to the medical industry were always apparent, and it’s safe to say that it has delivered on all the promise. The journey of this association’s by-product, Medtech, has been nothing but eventful. By feeding into its growth, we have got ourselves a ton of helpful medical devices, and there is one more in the books.

Asensus Surgical, a medtech company based in North Carolina, is given a big boost in its pursuit of changing the surgical landscape, as the company’s idea of enhancing machine vision capabilities of its ISU setup was recently approved by the FDA. Asensus’ Intelligent Surgical Unit (ISU), with the approved idea, will be looking to offer things like 3D measurement, digital tagging, and enhancement of images. Apart from that, the upgrade is expected to bring better camera control, which will be achieved through real-time data being gathered by anatomical structures. The industry has never experienced the presence of augmented intelligence before in this regard, so that makes an upgraded ISU all the more special.

When asked about ISU getting even better now, this is what Asensus’ President and CEO, Anthony Fernando, had to say:

“The addition of these pioneering digital capabilities on our existing surgical platform provides real-time interoperative digital tools to surgeons and underscores our commitment to delivering our vision for Performance-Guided Surgery.”

Even though the concept of medtech has covered a lot of ground so far, the surgical branch has remained relatively less impacted by it. For instance, despite all our advancement, we have struggled to find a concrete answer for highly-invasive surgeries. Asensus’ ISU takes a meaningful step away from that. It might take a lot of time for us to really change the way things are done in terms of surgical procedures, but we are finally out of the mark.

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