Aspirion - Reclaim Your Complex Reimbursement Effortlessly

The healthcare revenue cycle consists of many steps. This means that there are many opportunities for errors to occur. Any errors in the revenue cycle can delay the provider’s reimbursement from insurers and patients or halt reimbursement altogether. Revenue cycle management emphasizes accurately completing this patient intake step, even if a patient already has an account with the provider. Inaccurate information or ineligible insurance will only result in a denied claim later in the revenue cycle. This means a delay in the provider’s reimbursement payment. It also means more work for the provider, who must comb through the patient’s information to correct the errors. This is where organizations like Aspirion come in. The goal of Aspirion is to be the trusted partner of providers to maximize otherwise difficult reimbursements. Aspirion is a 2006-founded, full-service revenue cycle management (RCM) business that focuses solely on complicated claims and rejections. Aspirion’s difficult claims include Workers’ Compensation, Veterans Administration, Out-of-State Medicaid, and Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA)-Third-Party Liability (TPL). The revenue integrity offerings include denial management and Prevention, Underpayment Recovery, and Aged AR. While all of these claims are typically categorized by customers as difficult, to us they are just claims—and that is all Aspirion does. One of the largest and best-trained teams of investigators, experts, physicians, coders, and lawyers is at Aspirion. 

Aspirion includes more than 100 attorneys, 30+ clinicians, and other healthcare professionals, including technology and business intelligence experts. Deep industry knowledge paired with industry-leading technology results in premium RCM support. The vision is to offer industry-leading innovation. Aspirion invests heavily in structured data, machine learning, and business intelligence to produce consistently superior results. While others “process” claims Aspirion is committed to “learning” from them. Aspirion MVA team is fluent in all state regulations, coordination requirements, fee schedules, and policy limitations ensuring MVA insurance compliance across all state mandates—both statutory and judicial. Due to their complexity, Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) claims demand a high level of expertise and resources to successfully investigate and enhance healthcare revenue reimbursement. Aspirion’s tech-enabled, lawyer-led strategy efficiently handles the intricate, time-consuming, behind-the-scenes parts of MVA claims. To enhance the patient experience and manage the always-changing workforce, recover precise collections, remedy insurance underpayments, and streamline revenue cycle management procedures. “Aspirion’s focus is on complex claims and rejections, leveraging our deep industry knowledge and advanced resources to maximize reimbursement, ” says Amy Amick, CEO of Aspirion.

The company informs and teaches frontline employees so they can locate accounts, gather precise and timely information, and provide a satisfying patient experience. The company identifies every potential payer for each account, including first-party motor insurance (medical payments and personal injury protection), health insurance, and auto liability insurance. Aspirion seeks third-party liability (TPL) as required by state law and files liens as appropriate since they are aware that hospital lien rules differ greatly from state to state. The company utilizes a proprietary claims management system, Compass, developed specifically for complex claims. This system integrates with claims databases and payer portals to create efficiencies that enable us to concentrate on increasing collections. You will receive specialized team support from a committed client success manager who will provide implementation, continuing training, strategic direction, and performance reporting. Through the Aspirion Intelligence client interface, clients receive crystal-clear, actionable analytics, including round-the-clock visibility into the amount of MVA claims, the volume of collections, and the timeliness of collections. Claims for workers’ compensation are frequently refused or paid insufficiently. The majority of healthcare providers lack the specialized knowledge and resources necessary to successfully pursue full payment on these infamously complex and time-consuming claims. However, clients may anticipate the best payment on these difficult claims due to Aspirion’s cutting-edge technologies and internal clinical and legal assistance. The workers’ compensation claim success record often exceeds 90%, showcasing proficiency throughout all 50 states.

By collaborating with Aspirion, healthcare providers may improve patient satisfaction, optimize their revenue cycle management processes, recover accurate collections, and address underpayments. Aspirion’s committed client success managers guarantee easy deployment, ongoing training, strategic direction, and performance reporting, further confirming the organization as a trustworthy and helpful partner in increased reimbursement for healthcare providers. Overall, Aspirion’s comprehensive approach, combining industry expertise, cutting-edge technology, and a commitment to customer success, positions them as a leader in revenue cycle management, enabling healthcare providers to navigate the complexities of the healthcare revenue cycle and optimize its financial outcomes.


Amy Amick, CEO

"Aspirion's focus is on complex claims and rejections, leveraging our deep industry knowledge and advanced resources to maximize reimbursement."