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Monday, September 26, 2022
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Better Fitness Closer than Ever Before

A reason why we have an upper hand on the other species is because of how nothing is too outlandish for us. It might sound ridiculous at first, but the thing itself is never out of our reach. This ability to be limitless ensures that we remain on the course of evolution, constantly growing as individuals and also as a society. Furthermore, the fact that we are not bound to rule out any possibilities enables us to achieve that evolution in a variety of ways. For years, our progression has been somewhat linear, but with newer channels opening up, we are now able to grow in an expansive and meaningful manner. One of the tools allowing us to do that is technology. Technology’s attributes are hard to accommodate within a defined list. It’s not just because there are scores of them, but also because of how wide-ranging they can be. Each attribute seems to carry an identity of its own, and each one is capable enough to make a sizeable difference in our lives. To better understand the makeup of technology, we can look at a sector like healthcare. There is no scarcity of health-related ideas that were once considered as somewhat impractical, however as the time rolled by, they were successfully turned into a reality. While these ideas certainly improved the prospects of our well-being, in an equally important manner, they also set a precedent for future inventions. The medical researchers have based their studies along the lines of this precedent, which has guided them to develop a host of even better concepts, and the latest one to join the pack comes from Rice University.

The researching team at Rice University has come up with the technology of flexible carbon nanotube fiber that is designed to be incorporated into the regular clothing and act as a wearable health monitor. This technology comes as an answer to uncomfortable wearables that are a challenge to put on during daily activities. As per the details provided by the team, carbon nanotube fiber concept works with the help of highly conductive nanotubes that are meshed together in an attempt to form a flexible thread. The fact that this thread can be washed without inviting any damage means that it can be easily used over a long period of time, if needed.

If we try to go into some important details concerning the technology, we would realize the significance of making a flexible thread. The elasticity of it makes things convenient for the medical professional in terms of positioning the thread wherever and in whichever way they deem fit. The goal of nano-wearables is being pursued for a while now; hence this development by Rice University comes as a welcoming breakthrough.

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