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Monday, September 26, 2022
Home News Betting Big on a Rejuvenated Pharmaceutical Landscape

Betting Big on a Rejuvenated Pharmaceutical Landscape

A human skill-set is literally made up from various valuable elements, and yet nothing there can claim to be more valuable than our tendency of growing on a consistent basis. You see, if an individual can scale up the picture under all possible situations, they, almost as a by-product, go on to hit upon some huge milestones along the way. The same is validated on the back of everything we have achieved so far, with one testimony also coming from an idea called technology. The reason why we need to talk more about technology here is, by and large, centered upon its outright unprecedented offerings. Nevertheless, while that’s certainly an important factor, we cannot go without acknowledging the gigantic influence of how those offerings were used in a real world setting so to impact an entire spectrum, including our very own healthcare sector. To tell you the truth, technology’s foray into healthcare couldn’t have come at a better time, considering the sector was really on the verge of buckling under its own outdated structure. This, as we know, will change big time. In fact, even after giving our healthcare sector a whole new identity, the famous medtech linkup will continue to produce the right goods. If anything, a recent development should only get the stated dynamic to become more refined moving forward.

GSK is officially set to partner with Mersana Therapeutics in a bid to expand its ADC (antibody drug conjugates) portfolio. As a part of the agreement, GSK will pay Mersana a sum of $100 million, and by doing so, it will gain an exclusive option to license and co-develop the Mersana drug, XMT-2056, which is understood to boast a slightly different framework from your usual ADCs. Beyond the delivery of toxic drug payloads, Mersana’s XMT-2056 is actually known for activating stimulator of interferon genes (STING), a pathway of the innate immune system. This approach, interestingly enough, allows you to elicit an immune response in both tumor cells as well as immune cells found inside the tumors, thus enhancing the therapeutic effect, while also reducing the associated toxic effects.

“We believe this agreement solidifies Mersana’s position as a partner of choice during this momentous period in the ADC space and serves as validation for our Immunosynthen platform, which takes ADCs beyond the cytotoxic realm by enabling a targeted stimulation of the innate immune system. Additionally, the agreement structure demonstrates our ability to generate meaningful non-dilutive capital upfront to support the development of our innovative candidates while also providing the potential for meaningful downstream economics,” said Anna Protopapas, President and Chief Executive Officer of Mersana Therapeutics.

Talk about how the drug in question has done within the laboratory settings, it evidently displayed a robust anti-tumor activity in animal models expressing high HER2 levels, and even in those with low HER2. Furthermore, Mersana pointed out that the therapy’s efficacy shot up when used in combination with other cancer drugs such as Roche’ drugs transtuzumab and pertuzumab.

Going back to the economics of this deal, Mersana, like we mentioned earlier, will receive a $100 million upfront payment, but beyond that, it can rake upto $1.36 billion, if the company exercises the profit-share option, and the drug, on its part, goes on to hit all the development, regulatory, and commercial milestones.

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