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Monday, October 25, 2021
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Brightening the Healthcare Picture

We are well aware of the fact that modern generation separates itself from the olden times in a rather noteworthy way, but the key to understand our dissimilarities resides within the basis on which we take a different route. For instance, the people of today are much more value oriented than any of the previous generations. Once we have discovered the basis, we must figure out what triggered that particular change, and in the looking-for-value case, we can easily put it down to technology. In fact, Technology can prove to be a fair justification for many of our differences. While it was supposed to be a mere additive in our lives, technology’s attributes, over the course of time, came out so strong that our long-held habits were transformed forever. The new habits and beliefs worked in sync to fuel our evolution, thus setting up the stage for a wiser human being. We cannot fully encapsulate the kind of impact this move ended up having, but if we are to observe some direct results, we can look around and find them in literally all the major parts of our lives. One major part that we’ll notice is going to be of healthcare. It will be an understatement to say that technology improved healthcare for us, because what it actually did was redefine the sector’s entire identity. Today, we have convenient answers for the most complex of medical problems, and with technology only getting better every day, we can rightfully hope for transitioning into an even brighter healthcare landscape. This is especially when journey to get there has already started.

The next chapter of our progression is seemingly written by Paige and its AI-driven take to elevate pathology. Recently, Paige, a leading provider of AI-based diagnostic software solutions in pathology, was officially awarded de novo market authorization for its latest product, Paige Prostrate. Now, the reason why it’s a big deal is because this is the first ever AI-based pathology product to get a de novo approval from the FDA, a designation that does a lot to validate its unique qualities.

Even though the product itself is quite interesting, the timing of approval could play an important role here, as according to the statistics, there has been a 60 % increase in cancer cases across the last two decades, while the number of successful diagnosis remains minimal. Hence, the need to supplement diagnostic procedures with technology has been in play for a while.

Paige Prostrate is being considered as an answer here not just due to the fact that it’s the first ever device to explore this area. The optimism is largely influenced by how promising the technology looked during trials. Pathologists using Paige Prostrate showed a 7 percent increase in the accuracy of their diagnosis. Furthermore, the product also ensured a 70% decrease in false negative diagnosis, and a 24% drop when it comes to false positive scenarios.

“This innovation paves the way for the introduction of numerous future tools to help standardize pathology diagnosis, expedite the diagnostic process, and provide pathologists and patients greater comfort from the added scrutiny of their pathology slides,” said David Klimstra, Co-founder and MD at Paige.

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