Carenity by EvidentIQ Group: Generating Real-World Evidence through a Direct, Timely, and Compliant Access to Patient Data

The challenges businesses face when it comes to healthcare revolve around the critical need for robust real-world evidence across various facets of healthcare operations, including submissions for health technology assessments, product positioning, burden of diseases and treatments evaluation, real-life assessment of products, etc. At this point, Carenity uniquely addresses these challenges through a set of cutting-edge offerings. A pioneer in the industry, the company specializes in tailoring studies that cater to these needs, creating bespoke prospective studies that yield new and unique real-world patient-generated data. What makes the company stand out is its collaborative platform that connects patients and empowers them to actively participate in managing their health while providing a rich source of real-world patient data for healthcare stakeholders. “Unlike relying on existing datasets, we emphasize generating personalized, up-to-date, and unparalleled real-world evidence. This approach ensures that our clients have access to the most relevant and impactful data, enabling them to make informed decisions that significantly impact product development, health technology assessment, patient care, and product effectiveness,” explains Lise Radoszycki, President, Carenity.

Carenity, as a leading digital CRO, specializes in uncovering patient experience and preferences through its direct access to half a million patients and caregivers in Western Europe and the US. With its online multi-country patient community, Carenity directly engages with individuals living with chronic conditions.

Collecting and analyzing patient-reported data (ePRO), Carenity plays a pivotal role as a Patient Monitoring Solution. The company is committed to revolutionizing medical product development and evaluation, and patient care through data-driven insights, community engagement, and innovative RWE.

Through its unique and powerful platform, Carenity conducts online direct-to-patient studies (cross-sectional, longitudinal, e-diaries) gathering high-quality, real-world patient data, including PRO (Patient-Reported Outcomes), promptly. This direct access ensures timely insights into symptoms, treatments, patient preferences, and quality of life. “Our strict adherence to compliance standards guarantees ethical data collection, empowering healthcare stakeholders with high-quality, actionable insights for informed decision-making and patient-centric care,” adds Lise.

As a company, Carenity’s distinction lies in its innovative approach to online direct-to-patient studies with tailored study design and agile execution. The combination of direct access to patients/caregivers with medical and data science expertise allows to quickly generate high-quality Real-World Evidence and leverage it for health technology assessment and Scientific Communications and Publications. All this has a worldwide range of patients while encompassing more than one thousand chronic and rare diseases. Furthermore, as part of the EvidentIQ Group, the company can offer an array of clinical products and services, and its capabilities can span the entire product lifecycle. “From the initial stages of development through clinical phases and extending to real-world data analysis post-market, our integrated solutions provide comprehensive support at every stage, setting us apart within our field,” points Lise.

While explaining the value proposition of the company, Lise recalls an instance when the team assisted a client who needed to understand what mattered the most to lung cancer patients to improve patient experience and define “value in health.” The team decided to apply the PDOS method to identify the most important outcomes for patients/caregivers with lung cancer. Patient-Driven Outcome Selection (PDOS), a methodology Carenity created to help healthcare stakeholders, offers a structured and scientific approach to identify the most appropriate PRO according to patients, HTA, and physicians. This approach helped the customer define and describe “Value in health” from the patients’ and caregivers’ perspectives, evaluate to what extent the existing PROs matched the value domains that patients/caregivers considered most relevant in lung cancer, and assess the economic burden of lung cancer on patients and their caregivers.

Under the leadership of Lise and the expert team, Carenity has been redefining how healthcare works. Today, it is Lise’s unrelenting passion for healthcare and technical expertise that’s driving the company to success. Carenity has big plans for the future. With the support of EvidentIQ group software, the team is exploring DCT (decentralized clinical trial) approaches and data linkage with other data sources with the concomitant objective of increasing the size of its patient communities, especially in rare diseases. “We also envision offering new patient-centered services on the platform to increase patient engagement in the long run,” concludes Lise.

Carenity by EvidentIQ Group

Lise radoszycki, President

“Our strict adherence to compliance standards guarantees ethical data collection, empowering healthcare stakeholders with high-quality, actionable insights for informed decision-making and patient-centric care”