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Monday, September 26, 2022
Home News Carving Out a New Vaccine Landscape

Carving Out a New Vaccine Landscape

One of the greatest things about a human life is how it’s so open to becoming better on a consistent basis. This, in turn, has allowed us to hit upon some huge milestones, with technology appearing as a major part of the stated group. Technology enjoys a significant presence in our lives for a reason that has always been bigger than its skill-set. To contextualize the statement, we must acknowledge the influence of how those skills were particularly used. You see, the manner in which we applied the stated skills was what gave the creation a spectrum-wide presence, including a well-timed appearance on our healthcare block. Technology’s foray into healthcare couldn’t have happened at a better time, considering it came right when the sector was struggling to hold up against its outright obsolete structure. Fortunately, alongside all the methods, the reality of healthcare also changed big time under the new regime. This, however, did not stop the concept of medtech from growing even stronger. If anything, the same pattern has turned more and more pattern over the recent past, and looking at Medable’s latest decision, the prospects of it should only improve moving forward.

Medable has officially launched a new software solution, which is designed to pick up the pace of decentralized vaccine trials, and therefore make pharmaceutical companies better equipped in regards to fighting a disease outbreak. According to certain reports, the company’s “core” vaccine trial product includes a pre-configured set of modules that cover various critical components like participants’ pre-trial screenings, electronic consent, televisits, electronic clinical outcome assessments, real-time data reporting, and a whole lot more. In case the innate features weren’t enough, the solution is also very easy to deploy, requiring only five weeks for tying up all the necessary loose ends. Talk about the flex version of this product, it has all the tools that the core version does, but beyond that, it also offers customized digital tools designed to meet a trial’s specific protocol needs. These customized digital tools can include automated data access via sensors and wearables, more complex clinical outcome assessments, integrations with additional electronic data capture systems and interactive response technology systems. Interestingly, the flex version even allows you to conduct your trials in more than 60 different languages.

“Speed, access and data quality are all critical for vaccine trials, and we’ve worked hard to enable all three with Medable’s decentralized trial platform,” said Musaddiq Khan, vice president and head of Therapeutic Area Solutions at Medable. “By codifying the most common elements across vaccine trials, we minimize the need to do a ground-up build for every new study. That not only speeds up deployment, it allows for more robust remote data collection and broader global access to reach vaccine-naïve parts of the world.”

Moving on from the speed element, a research done by the Tufts Center for the Study of Drug Development suggests that decentralized trials are also, in general, more financially viable. According to the research, a one to three month reduction in deployment time for decentralized Phase II studies can put-together a net financial benefit that is up to five times greater than the upfront investment required. As for Phase III studies, a conceivably similar reduction in deployment time was understood to produce  a net benefit that is up to 13 times greater than the required upfront investment.


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