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Monday, September 26, 2022
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Connecting the Healthcare Dots

A human arsenal is known to contain some hugely valuable components, but if we care to be honest for a second, none of those components can ever be deemed more significant than our ability to consistently find solutions. You see, this ability, in particular, is really what has enabled us to pursue growth under all circumstances, and once that becomes your ultimate reality, it can very well lead you towards a host of milestones. The same is proven by everything we have achieved so far, with one notable testimony coming from an idea called technology. Technology’s emergence was a pivotal moment in our lives, considering it gave us a set of offerings that we never thought were conceivable in the first place. Nevertheless, the reason why technology has been such a standout is also predicated upon how those skills used so to impact an entire spectrum, including our very own healthcare sector. In fact, the creation’s foray around here couldn’t have come at a better time, as the sector was actually struggling to hold up against its obsolete structure. Fortunately, this dynamic was completely altered on the back of new and smarter ideas, but mind you, it’s not where the tech revolution will stop. It will, instead, keep on growing stronger over time. The same was evident in a recent development.

flipMD, the physician-only consulting services platform offering non-clinical medical expertise to industry partners, has officially launched a new recruiting platform called flipMD Hire, which is designed to help various organizations in fulfilling their need of healthcare personnel. According to certain reports, the organizations that can turn to this platform include hospitals, private practices, pharma, biotech, and more. Interestingly enough, the platform allows you the option to post full-time, as well as temporary clinical and non-clinical positions for physicians. One more fascinating detail about this product is how physicians, apart from furthering their own career, can earn money here by referring candidates for a vacancy. This model, as you can guess, also does a lot to cut back on the timeframe required to find a suitable candidate.

“We’re incentivizing the community to recommend candidates who are more qualified and more interested. We do this with the hope of going straight for the needle in the haystack. I think the referral program is the platform’s secret sauce in a lot of ways,” said Lauren Hanson, CEO of flipMD.

flipMD Hire surely allows you to sign up on the platform and post a job requirement without having to pay anything at all, but it notably charges you a fulfillment fee, which becomes due only after the listed vacancy has been filled. As for the size of this fulfillment fee, it is understood to vary in relation to the client.


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