Consult-PRO - Digitalizing the Dental Industry

Just like technology is creating an impact in every industry, the same is going on with the healthcare space as well. Clinics and dental-healthcare spaces are transforming their operations with the adoption of technology and innovation. One of the foundations of healthcare reform is moving away from paper-based to digital storage systems. As technology progresses in the dental care space, it has become vital for dentists and dental specialists to move with the times. It is clear that cloud technology is here to stay and any dental practice that does not use a cloud-based practice management system will suffer the consequences. Identifying these trends and realizing that dentists and patients have the same needs all around the world, Consult-PRO—a provider of the most up-to-date dental techniques and 3D animated videos —is creating patient sympathetic learning tools that empower, educate and improve confidence of every patient consultation.

Since opening its doors in 1999 as a patient education videos company, Consult-PRO now has everything a dental office needs or will need in terms of dental software. Since then, Consult-PRO’s user base has grown from a single practice in Toronto to servicing thousands of clinics, dental schools, and hygiene colleges in over 120 countries. Maturing from patient education to full practice management. Today, under the leadership of Dr. Boris Pulec, Founder and CEO, Consult-PRO, the company is creating a revolution in the dental-care solutions space.

The Unified System

As the business, the dental industry is changing and moving more and more to corporate-run multi-office groups. Individual dentists in a single dental office are having a harder and harder time competing with these groups. These groups are called “Dental Service Organizations “DSO’s. What they do is keep buying more and more dental offices and bigger groups buy smaller DSO groups to become bigger faster. There are groups that have over 1000 dental offices that they manage in one form or another. They have different needs that a single office. When they buy these offices they inherit a large number of different practice management software systems that they use in each particular office ending up with 20-30 different systems. Some cloud, some server-based and some even with paper charts. Consult-PRO recognizes that these companies would greatly benefit from having a single unified Cloud-based system to run them all with all the benefits of Cloud. This kind of solution enables the Head office team to log into any office and get reports in real-time. There is only one system for all staff to learn how to use. There is no question that the DSO’s need one Cloud-based practice management system that runs all their dental offices. Consult-PRO’s core focus is to enable CLOUDENT DSO to be that system.

“CLOUDENT—by Consult-PRO has everything a dental office needs to run efficiently and is as productive as possible at the same time providing optimal dental care services to their patients,” explains Pulec. From educating patients using customizable visuals such as videos and editing tools to providing easily understandable treatment plans to the convenience of using all the latest emerging technologies the office using CLOUDENT can provide the dental care patients deserve. 

A Software for Dental Clinics

Consult-PRO imaging software can demonstrate to patient’s problems and solutions using their specific x- rays or clinical photographs with image editing software that has special dental tools to edit x- rays and edit clinical photos to show the patient anticipated cosmetic smile results before they do the procedure. Consult-PRO “Forms” module comes with many standard forms that are customizable. A new form can be created by scanning an existing paper form and editing it to make the auto-fill fields as well as custom text and image import areas.  Furthermore, the software comes with many high-end brochures to give to patients printed information and of course customizable for patient-specific brochure creation. All are automatically recorded in the record of the care and the cloud. While most charting modules have just a few tools for the charting, some do not even have incorporation of the primary dentition, CLOUDENT Consult-PRO not only has the primary dentition as part of the chart but has the stages of development and stages of resorption. Teeth can be rotated under and over erupted as well as drifted on the hard tissue chart,” adds Pulec.

Anyone can get ZOOM to do a teleconference consultation with a patient, but, CLOUDENT teledentistry by Consult-PRO allows many other features that no conferencing software currently has. The patient and dentists can send pictures and text back and forth that is automatically recorded on the record of care for that particular patient saving lots of production time. The Teleconsult can be accessed from the program and recorded in the appointment book. Consult-PRO also has added voice-activated features to the software so there is less need to touch the computer. With the increase in speed of the internet and processing power, the software is moving towards total voice active control thus meeting and exceeding infection control and curbing cross-contamination in the operatory. As far as we know no other software is moving in this direction. So, dentists have to make sure that the patient understands their problem, that they understand the possible treatment options, the advantages and disadvantages of the different options, that the explanations all health records are comprehensive, recorded properly and the records are confidential.

The Benefits of Micromanagement

Being a smaller well-managed company with great talent Consult-PRO can make changes and improvements quickly. For instance, during COVID they added a TELEDENTISTRY to the product line in a matter of weeks. Today Consult -PRO has worldwide appeal demonstrated by the fact that it has been sold to dentists in over 127 countries. It has also been translated into over 20 languages. “The animated videos are so easy to understand that text and audio are often not even needed during a presentation.  Credibility and trust are created by Consult-PRO by having the actual procedures and options there with a video and in many languages,” says Pulec.

For Dentists, By Dentists

Consult-PRO Dental Practice management was created for dentists by dentists using the latest emerging technology. The CEO of Consult-PRO is also a practicing dentist with the advantage of actually using the product and seeing the product in action on a daily basis. Plus, the input from many dentists that use the product has honed the product over the years. It all started as a patient education product that dentists can use to educate patients on their problems and their treatment options. Their CEO is the dean at a Dental Hygiene College (Toronto College of Dental Hygiene and Auxiliaries Inc.) and runs a dental software company. With his visual artistic creativity adding to the mix of creating dental software “Consult -PRO was always ahead of its time. It created animated videos in the early 2000s when dentists were still drawing on a piece of paper to demonstrate complex dental procedures. Consult-PRO created cloud dental practice management software years before it was even considered by other companies. Our goals are to make dental software that is always ahead of its time. In addition all the software the dental office uses should work together in harmony with one database,” concludes Pulec.

“CLOUDENT—by Consult-PRO is the only practice management software any dental office needs to and provide efficient optimal dental care services to their patients”


Dr. Boris Pulec
Founder & CEO