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Thursday, December 8, 2022

Delta Care Rx: An Industry-Leading PBM Service for Hospices

In an ideal world, a pharmacy benefit management (PBM)provider can payoff hospice facilities with a discount on every medication purchased under average wholesale pricing, ranginganywhere between 70 to 80 percent. However, in reality,this is not the case. Even with a negotiated discount, the price paid by the hospicesis substantially higher than what the PBM pays the pharmacy filling the prescription—leaving a sizable markup that adds to theagency’sprofit margin.

In an ambitious bid to addressthese pricing gimmicks, especially during the COVID-19 crisis, Delta Care Rx offers a holistic PBM solution for hospice care providers that drives business transparency, innovation, and vital maintenance of community-pharmacy relationships. “We provide all the necessary tools and cutting-edge telehealth technology to improve the quality of patient care, drive profit,and simplify workflow and ordering process within hospice settings,” states Drew Mihalyo, founder, president, and COO at Delta Care Rx.

As a pharmacist-owned, privately held provider, Delta care Rx sets the industry benchmark for pharmacy benefit management, mail order pharmacy options, on-demand pharmacist services, and hospicetailored electronic prescribing.Guided by a mission to restore fundamental care values, the company offers a range of services and technological tools to resolve the disparities in the space. The company’s robust Dragonfly Mail Order is one of them. “Unlike traditional mail order pharmacy programs, weprovide hospices with the formulary flexibility, business transparency, financial creativity, necessary technology, and regulatory cushioning to operate effectively,” adds Mihalyo. Here, the clients can utilize a preferred local network of pharmacies for same-day service and ensure that majority of their medication dollars are spent wisely on the patient communities. This mail-order delivery is also useful when a patient does not qualify for local delivery or has specialty medication needs.

Since its inception, Delta Care Rx has been apioneer in e-Prescribing, bringing in numerous technological advancements for hospices of all sizes worldwide. The company’s Hospice-Prescribing empowersclinicians to order both controlled and non-controlled medications via an e-Prescribing application built into its robust e-Tools suite. This allows clients and patients toreceive controlled medications more quickly, resulting in improved symptom management and fewer medication ordering errors. With Hospice-Prescribing, clients can enjoy an efficient workflow, allowing nurses and team members to spend more time caring for their patients.

Realizing that every end-of-life care center can benefit from a clinical pharmacist available around the clock, Delta Care Rx features a dynamic On-Demand Pharmacist Services (ODPS) to support clinical decision-making, cost control, and quality outcome. “Our team of dedicated pharmacists offers immediate and expert therapeutic consultationon every call or on theonline e-Consulting platform,” extols Mihalyo. Unlike other providers, the Delta care Rx platform is built from the ground up to improve quality-of-care, making it easy to initiate integrations, customizations, and add-ons in the solution. The company also specializes in Rx procurement for inpatients and provides pediatric program support that adheres to the Conditions of Participation (CoPs).

On a mission to make remote patient care accessible to the entire palliative patient community, Delta Care Rx offers its turnkey ADAPT Health remote patient monitoring solution. Thisallows facilities to provide a patient-centric telehealth experience with additional pharmaceutical care modulesCoupled with this is the company’s Hospice LIVE solution that features secure video connection prosstocols to bring live consultations to patients’ bedsides directly. Furthermore, Delta Care Rx also features an advanced, web-based reports generator called DELTALYTICS, which helps organizations understand where all their medication dollars are going, identify trends in utilization, and enhance quality initiatives. Through this, they can gain access to actionable, real-time patient-generated health data and schedule patient care plans accordingly.With this proprietary, advanced, and comprehensive set of tools, clients can enjoy the necessary data exports for all major electronic medical record (EMR) file formatting and automation processes, alongside customized CR-8358 report generation for supporting additional claims.

With an in-depth industry experience spanning more than 21 years, Delta Care Rx has been at the forefront of innovation, providing robust solutions for many blue-chip companies worldwide. Thanks toits powerful suite of telehealth software, electronic prescribing, and analytical tools, numerous clients could pinpoint patients at high risk for re-hospitalization or extreme medical care. Moving forward, the comsspany plans to develop its solution stack further, providing advanced technology and tools to drive real innovation in the hospice landscape. Alongside, Delta Care Rx is also on the lookout for meaningful partnerships with hospice, home health, palliative care, and ACOs engaged in the delivery of high quality andsevere cost-contained illness care.

“We provide all the necessary tools and cutting-edge telehealth technology to improve the quality of patient care, drive profit, and simplify workflow and ordering process within hospice settings


Delta Care Rx

Drew Mihalyo
Founder, President, & COO