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Monday, October 25, 2021
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Finding the Big Answers

Admit it or not, but we all are guilty of using the term ‘growth’ quite loosely at times. Whenever we talk about it, we paint it as something that just happens on its own like a moment of epiphany, but that’s just outright false. Growth occurs when we get on a pursuit to solve problems that are somewhat bigger than us at the moment. It must be noted that finding the right answers to these problems isn’t the only way we can elevate ourselves. Every attempt we make at enhancing our knowledge and broadening our perspective, even if it’s not necessarily successful, can lead towards the goal of growth. This is testified with utmost precision by a creation like technology. Despite the fact that it is nothing short of a juggernaut today, technology has had its fair share of rocky moments. Nevertheless, hitting the wall on some instances didn’t stop it from directing us to a more suitable path. Such a level of persistence on technology’s part eventually inspired an era, which has so far looked bigger than anything humans have ever lived through. To learn how it’s better, we can look into all the ideas technology has essentially reconstructed to this date. One of its most important reconstructions, however, has been healthcare, and it’s ahead of many others by quite some distance. It might seem adding technology was enough to turn the fortunes around in this sector, but even with technology we had to figure out a ton of things to get to where we are at present. Although, at its core, this will remain pretty much the same going forward, a recent discovery by MIT does provide a beacon of hope in terms of easing up a particular process to some extent.

The researching team at MIT, in collaboration with Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, has developed a system that allows to you asses cancer cells and their susceptibility to certain drugs. According to reports, the said system functions by running the cells through vibrating microchannels, thus educating the professional about single cell mass measurements of treated and untreated cancer cells. These measurements are then compared to gain an insight over whether a particular drug is capable enough to deal with the type of cancer in question.

Even though the medical sector has made a gazillion leaps since partnering with technology, it hasn’t quite come up with a concrete answer for something like cancer, which continues to appear in bit of a grey area across the spectrum. This is not to say that we had no means whatsoever for making a judgment of such nature before. Medical scientists have long used genomic markers to perform a similar assessment, but the sheer lack of reliability here has kept the study of cancer from making meaningful progression. Furthermore, as the world shifts towards personalized treatment, having an extensive setup to gauge everything about a particular case can do a world of good.

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