Frontage - Turning Services into Solutions

The major and challenging drug research and development issues are addressed by Frontage. Frontage’s ability to develop services into viable solutions has been aided by its scientific knowledge foundation, technological skills, and reputation for providing high-quality services. Frontage is a contract research organization that helps life science firms reach their drug development goals by offering comprehensive, science-driven product development services across the drug discovery and development process. Many innovators, generics, and consumer health firms of all sizes have used Frontage to successfully file IND, NDA, ANDA, BLA, and 505(b)(2) submissions in worldwide markets, allowing critical medicines and goods for patients to be developed. They are dedicated to delivering scientific expertise of the highest caliber to assure the highest level of quality and compliance. Frontage has successfully aided customers in the development and commercialization of hundreds of compounds in worldwide markets. Frontage benefits substantially from having operations in both North America and China (the world’s two largest markets for CRO services) and is well-positioned to capitalize on both regions’ growth possibilities.

Frontage’s “Two Continents, One System” strategy is critical to the company’s dedication to high-quality standards. This strategy ensures that customers receive the same high-quality standards, operational methods, and systems in both China and North America, as well as a thorough awareness of the rules and requirements for drug research and development in both countries. This strategy enables Frontage to be a preferred partner for firms with global requirements or those requiring assistance with concurrent FDA applications in the United States and China.

Frontage provides a full range of drug candidate evaluation services, including DMPK, Safety and Toxicology, Bioanalytical, and Genomics. Frontage provides high-quality services by focusing on technological expertise, allowing them to comprehend and solve complicated scientific problems (such as challenges in drug formulation, data interpretation, and bioanalysis). To deliver unique answers to difficult challenges, Frontage leverages new scientific techniques, technologies, and procedures. Frontage is dedicated to offering rigorous scientific knowledge that ensures each project’s highest quality and compliance. Frontage has a long history of passing regulatory inspections. The US FDA, NMPA, and Health Canada have all successfully inspected frontage facilities many times. The US Environmental Protection Agency (“EPA”), the US Drug Enforcement Agency (“DEA”), the World Health Organization (“WHO”), and the US Nuclear Regulatory Commission (“NRC”) have all investigated these establishments.

From preclinical stages through Phase II clinical trials, Frontage’s extensive spectrum of CMC services includes therapeutic product development, analysis, and clinical trial materials delivery and supply. facilities with cutting-edge analytical instruments for a wide range of tests, including API/Product release, stability, and dissolution The Frontage Clinical Services team works directly with each client to build a customized strategy for overcoming research hurdles while increasing efficiency and minimizing risk. To get each research to the go-no-go judgment, Frontage employs best practices in study design and implementation. Frontage’s Dedicated Biorepository Laboratory Information System guarantees that samples are received, sorted, and registered using barcodes, then transported to the lab for quick testing and tracked throughout the process. Frontage Biorepository Services offers long-term storage at 4°C, -20°C, -70°C, and liquid nitrogen storage in a secure sample management facility.

With the acquisition of Heyan Biotech, Frontage has recently expanded its early drug development services. Heyan Biotech, situated in Wuhan Optics Valley, a national biotech hub, offers target-based in vitro pharmacodynamic screening and early pharmacological pharmacodynamic assessment services in the early stages of drug development. Drug target screening, bespoke biological assay creation, and detection services are among the company’s technical competencies. For many years, the Heyan team has been extensively involved in the biological CRO business, persistently adhering to the customer value orientation, win-win collaboration, and assisting in the creation of innovative drugs.  Dr. Song Li, Chairman, and CEO of Frontage says: “Heyan Biotech mainly provides drug discovery services such as drug activity screening and kinase function test, it has established close research collaborations with many innovative drug companies, well-known universities, and scientific research institutes. Its technology platforms, as well as talents, could effectively complement the existing service lines of Frontage. Based on the existing testing services, Heyan Biotech will focus on expanding the application of SPR technology, Protac technology, ion channels, GPCR targets, intracellular kinase binding evaluation, and a high connotation technology detection platform. It will comprehensively cover the fields of neuropathy, metabolic diseases, inflammation, cancer, and safety evaluation targets. Heyan Biotech will further expand its service capacity in drug discovery to enhance Frontage’s one-stop service capacity and capability in the field of drug discovery and development.”

“From preclinical stages through Phase II clinical trials, Frontage’s extensive spectrum of CMC services includes therapeutic product development, analysis, and clinical trial materials delivery and supply.”


Dr. Song Li
Chairman, and CEO