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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Giving You a Crack at Better Health

There are very few things in our lives that come packaged together with a guarantee, so, as individuals, we must learn how to navigate through uncertain situations. Having such a skill at our disposal ensures our constant progression even when the conditions in play are far from desirable. If you look through the history, the ability in question has guided us under a wide variety of circumstances, thus helping us enormously in terms of finding the big answer. Now, this answer can be anything in nature, but just being able to complete the jigsaw puzzle positions us for a crack at something special. That’s exactly what happened when we stumbled upon the concept of technology. Technology would quickly become an answer to our many different limitations. It’s not to say the creation didn’t have to face any uncertainty in regards to its own potential, but the way technology went about crystallizing things told us a very promising story. The said promise will soon spread throughout the spectrum, taking in every major sector out there. One area that got to be a significant part of the tech wave was our medical sector. With reinvented methodologies and much advanced structure, the medical sector was able to go beyond every preconceived boundary, thus elevating itself to a level where our idea of healthcare looked outright transformed. Since then, the new healthcare has brought in gazillion by-products to consolidate this transformation, and another one is now set to join the pack.

The researching team at Brown University has successfully developed a brand new way to test Covid 19 virus. Named as Bubbler, the latest testing approach relies on expelled breath instead of nasal swabs to reach a conclusion, and that is a bigger deal than we think. Carrying out tests on the back of expelled breath can help us in gauging if and when someone is actively transmitting virus. The nasal swabs’ incapability around distinguishing active virus particles from others has long posed a humongous challenge for the medical professionals to perform Covid 19 testing in a rather meaningful way. Furthermore, the test’s invasive structure has also done a fair amount to hamper the method’s universality.

On the other hand, along with solving these concerns, Breathalyzer assists us extensively in learning more about the lower respiratory tract’s involvement, which is said to be a key precursor for Covid 19 symptoms. According to certain reports, the technology functions through a mix of enzymes that transcribe the RNA in viral particles into DNA, therefore allowing a benchtop PCR test eventually.

“Such technology could be useful in restoring service to industries such as hotels, cruise ships, and casinos. There is also an epidemiological benefit to routine testing of air at early warning sites such as transportation hubs and hospital emergency departments,” said William G. Fairbrother, a researcher involved in the study.


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