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Wednesday, November 29, 2023
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Good Health Now Just a Tap Away

Recently, Amazon announced their intention to take the company’s telehealth services nationwide. Amazon telehealth has been making all sorts of right noises since it entered the picture. The concept of being able to connect with a clinician without facing any extended delays has been a resounding success, and now in the world of lockdowns and quarantine, this concept has taken an even greater significance. Following a highly positive response during its initial runs, Amazon telehealth is looking ready to reach all 50 states by the end of the approaching summer. To be a part of this operation, many companies have registered their interest in collaborating with Amazon. These companies are highly keen on using the telehealth service in question and statements from Amazon’s camp indicate that they’ll be happy to provide their platform.

“We are planning to expand the digital component of this in the next few months to every state in the U.S,” Amazon’s VP, Babak Parviz told CNBC. “We’ll also make it available to other company employees, besides Amazon, to use this, should they choose to sign up and use the service.”

The reason why Amazon telehealth services are getting so much traction is that, if implemented in the right manner, this assortment of healthcare services can become a game-changer. Having a one-stop solution for all your healthcare-related concerns is something that promises to become a cornerstone of the healthcare sector’s future.

Adding to what is already a wide-spectrum of services; Amazon telehealth has revealed that they’ll be introducing an option for you to book a Covid test for yourself as well. This is being done to curb the pressure on national testing facilities.

“We decided to be additive to the healthcare system, not subtractive, and build our own test facilities,” Parviz said while commenting on the COVID-19 testing initiative.

Amazon isn’t the only American giant that has its eye on having a stronger footing in telehealth sphere. Their longtime-rival, Walmart has also hinted at expanding their virtual health services, with plans to target over a dozen states already in place. Due to federal restrictions around telehealth, some complications are expected along the way, but there is a consensus that big players like Amazon and Walmart would be able to get past them.

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