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Harnessing Mixed Reality with Veeva for Next-Gen Digital Training

By Kasper Kronmann Nielsen, Advisory Director, & Emma Skovsted-Andersen, Associate Business Consultant, NNIT

The Training Challenge in Life Science

The success of a company is considerably reliant on skilled and proficient employees. However, enabling new joiners and upskilling the skills of the existing workforce can significantly challenge companies, particularly within industries subject to stringent regulations. Pharma companies have faced regulatory issues related to their training practices. In the Life Science industry, operators on the shopfloor must absorb up to 2000 pages of training in SOP information to ensure high-quality production, which in many cases is a challenge and unmanageable to ingest. This leaves, especially, new joiners and even experienced employees struggling to comply with the required business guidelines, and thus complete their tasks correctly. It’s noteworthy to mention that operators are commonly present within this industry, given that learning predominantly occurs through practical hands-on experience, rather than relying on extensive analog SOPs.

Addressing the Challenge of Digital Training with the Veeva Suite

By integrating your existing Veeva Suite with Power Platform’s Governance Engine for Dynamics 365 Guides, you can leverage your investment in the current quality management process and systems. This integration allows you to transform your traditional training setup into a cutting-edge 21st Century Training ecosystem with offset in the current well-established quality management process of Veeva QualityDocs. This transformation effectively enables the opportunity to replace traditional paper-based approaches with a streamlined version-controlled content management system tailored for digital training and guidance.

Veeva QualityDocs and Training Vault offer a unique integration with the Governance Engine that ensures a smooth connection to your digital training. This integration guarantees robust governance, quality assurance, and compliance throughout the entire training execution process, even within regulated environments with GxP standards. As Veeva QualityDocs maintains the governance master, it minimizes the effort needed to implement changes by your organization.

The Value of Going Digital with 21st Century Training

21st Century Training can be used during onboarding, for on-demand support for qualified employees, and for ongoing training, meaning that the training is available whenever needed.

Effectively replacing traditional paper-based approaches, digital Guides offer a revolutionary way for employee learning, training, and instructions. Leveraging the power of mixed reality technology, digital guides bring images, videos, and holographic 3D models into intuitive, three-dimensional intelligent guidance. These guides vividly demonstrate tasks and their respective locations, providing employees with precise visual instructions using multiple ways and supporting employees with different preferred learning methods. This streamlined approach to training and guidance in which practical hands-on experiences function as the underlying learning approach efficiently replaces the need for paper-based work instructions and extensive readings of comprehensive SOPs. These guides are intuitive and easy to follow, and they support different learning preferences and styles. By using digital guides, employees can complete tasks faster, make fewer mistakes, and remember skills better. Digital guides are an excellent way to modernize your training and make it more effective and engaging, making it an exceptional alternative for modernizing your training setup into a 21st Century Training environment.

Besides the fact that Veeva establishes a direct link to your digital training, when seamlessly integrated with the Power Platform another noteworthy advantage is its ability to facilitate knowledge transfer through digital means, anchoring employee training in a virtual environment. This empowers organizations to transfer expertise from experienced employees to new hires or colleagues, nurturing a culture of collaboration and knowledge-sharing. This cultivates a more impactful training process and ultimately contributes to a workforce that is well-equipped and proficient.


The evolving demands of the Life Science industry have set the stage for a paradigm shift in training methodologies. The need for agile and effective training becomes paramount and a business differentiator. Embracing a forward-thinking outlook, organizations can harness the potential of Veeva’s visionary possibility for integration of mixed reality with robust digital platforms that pave the way for a 21st Century Training environment. The incorporation of mixed reality into training empowers employees with a tangible, immersive experience that fosters deeper understanding and retention. 21st Century Training not only addresses the challenges posed by the complexity of processes and regulatory requirements but also significantly reduces deviations and promotes a Right-first-time culture, with faster onboarding, Multisensory Learning, and flexible training.

With Veeva’s QualityDocs, Training Vault, and a Governance Engine for digital content, a synergy is formed that bridges the gap between digital training and stringent compliance. By embracing this transformative fusion of technology and training, Life Science companies can secure a competitive edge, fostering an empowered, skilled workforce that’s ready to navigate the challenges and seize the opportunities of the future, while maintaining regulatory compliance and access control.

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