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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Harnessing Technology for a Better Mental Health Space

While every aspect of a human skill-set is valuable in its own right, nothing really beats the way we are able to grow over the course of our lives. You see, human beings are well-known to grow under each and every situation, and when that’s the dynamic you are playing with, you become more than likely to realize some huge milestones as you move forward. This is proven by whatever we have achieved so far, and yet if there is one testimony that stands out from the rest, it’s of technology. The reason why technology appears like an anomaly here is largely predicated upon its unprecedented approach. However, it also, at the same time, revolves around the manner in which that approach was executed so to establish a spectrum-wide presence for the creation. The latter one, in fact, would go on produce a host of beneficiaries, and one among them is going to be our very own healthcare sector. Technology’s foray into healthcare was notably pivotal, as it materialized when the sector was struggling to hold up against an obsolete structure. The link-up, of course, altered that reality, but even after doing so, it continued to scale up the sector in one capacity or the other. This pattern is now all-set to get stronger on the back of a recent collaboration.

CareFirst BlueCross BlueShield has officially announced that it is partnering with Headway to expand access to mental healthcare. According to certain reports, Headway, a company already known for simplifying mental health services’ landscape, will bring its proprietary software platform to healthcare providers on CareFirst’s network. This should allow CareFirst’s members to connect with a provider by just going to Headway’s website. Once they are on the website, the member can even customize their search through various filters including race, language, geography, in-person/virtual, and more. Next up, the platform will deliver results on the basis of those filters, and if you find a provider that fits your need, you can just book an appointment there and then on the website. Interestingly enough, while finalizing an appointment, you’ll also have an option to add your insurance details. The feature will educate you on the total costs, but still, you’ll be billed only after the session.

When asked about why CareFirst picked Headway for the job, vice president of provider collaboration and network transformation at CareFirst, Brian Wheeler said:

“Headway had the technology suite that was the most user-friendly,” Wheeler said. “We were looking to create a win-win for both our provider partners and our members and Headway brought it all together in the most innovative way.”

Talk about future plans, CareFirst is approaching the whole collaboration with an intention of signing up hundred to one thousand practitioners over the next year. Beyond its own providers’ network, the company is also looking to bet on Headway’s all-encompassing nature to attract more of them along the way.

“There are a number of independent practitioners in the behavioral health space that don’t participate with insurance companies just because of the administrative work … Perhaps we can get some folks who haven’t participated with insurance networks to come into the network through Headway because it’s easier that way,” Wheeler said.

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