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Ianacare Receives $12.1 Million in Serie A Funding; Intends to Empower Caregivers

As important as it is, the world can’t succeed in recognizing opportunities on every single occasion. This means that we allow many potential benefits to slip through our hands, and such a dynamic never sits right with our productive tendencies. Hence, we are constantly working towards the construction of various channels, which help us in spotting new avenues. Now, if we are to dissect these channels and compare their holistic impact, we’ll see none of the channels were able to do what technology is doing today with unmatched efficiency. There is a reason why, since technology’s arrival, we have witnessed ourselves turning into ‘smarter beings’. The transformation has been evident across all possible frontiers, including the highly essential medical sector. In hindsight, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that our definition of healthcare changed entirely once technology imposed itself as the dominant force. The doubt amid people got replaced by a newfound optimism that was rooted in hugely convenient and successful medical methodologies. Now, as the tech revolution within this sphere continues to deliver wide-ranging benefits, it’s important for us to nurture them properly. A recently-concluded funding round says we are moving precisely in that direction.

Ianacare, a Boston-based caregiver support provider, has officially raised $12.1 million in a Series A investment round. The round was reportedly led by Greycroft, but it also saw participation from SemperVirensVC, Able Partners, and Brown Alumni Group, along with follow-on investments from existing investors Slow, Founder Collective, Indicator Ventures, Entree Capital, Cue Ball, Service Provider Capital, and AARP. Apart from it, the fresh funding further paves the way for Greycroft partner, Ellie Wheeler, to take up a role on ianacare’s executive board.

Even though ianacare is focused on facilitating better healthcare, we must note that it functions around a much wider segment than just health. Caregivers can use Ianacare’s free mobile app to place friends and family in one team for relatively easier coordination concerning everyday tasks such as dropping off groceries. With a scalable and cost-effective solution in place, ianacare empowers million of caregivers to pursue their professional ambitions without losing a step on their home-related responsibilities.

“For the last several years, we’ve had a strong thesis that the caregiving space was ripe for innovative impact. When we saw the comprehensive nature of ianacare’s platform and the passion behind the founders’ personal experiences, we knew they were the right team to lead this incredible transformation,” said partner of Greycroft, Ellie Wheeler


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