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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

Integra LifeSciences: Restoring Patients’ Lives in Surgical Solutions

Healthcare costs have been consistently rising, straining the budgets of individuals, families, and governments. Access to quality health care is not equitable, with disparities based on factors such as income, race, geography, and education. These escalating costs can lead to financial hardships and reduced access to care. The rapid advancement of healthcare technology, particularly in areas like telemedicine, companion apps, and data analytics, presents opportunities to make health care more accessible and efficient. The capability to deliver better access to high-quality care at a lower cost is one of the most significant challenges that healthcare ecosystems are trying to achieve today. This is where Integra LifeSciences (Integra) is creating a difference. Integra is a global leader in surgical, neurosurgical, and regenerative care, and offers a broad portfolio of products and solutions for dural access and repair, cerebral spinal fluid management, and neuro-critical care. From regenerative tissue technologies, surgical instruments, and neurosurgical products to advanced wound care products, Integra is a pioneer in the surgical solutions space. “Compared to the bigger players out there, we are more focused on targeted disease states, enabling us to more effectively listen and understand what surgeons and their teams really need. We believe this focus, coupled with these skills, translate into better insights in what we innovate and how we enable them to improve the care pathway and set new standards of care in the segments in which we compete,” says Jan De Witte, President & CEO, Integra LifeSciences. 

Surgeons make thousands of decisions every day. These decisions directly affect patients and surgeons. Integra knows this. The company continually looks at technological innovations that offer surgeons a variety of solutions to enhance their treatment regimen and make the right decisions with confidence to improve patient outcomes. “We enable surgeons to deliver better clinical quality at a lower cost to society. That’s the holy grail for health care these days. Better quality and more access to care at a cost that’s sustainable for society,” explains De Witte.                       

Take the case of one of the new product offerings the company is working on. Today, many neurosurgical operations can have large, invasive incisions and be long procedures. The company is developing minimally invasive technology to gain access to the brain through an 8- or 15-millimeter tube that’s equipped with a high-resolution camera with lights. For procedures where access to the brain is required, this technology gives the surgeon a clear path to treating a brain tumor or stopping a bleed within the brain, while protecting the delicate surrounding tissues along the path. With special tools, the surgeon can operate, essentially within that small hole. This approach has the potential to reduce complications as well as the collateral damage that may be caused by going into the brain. Moreover, minimally invasive approaches may also provide a quicker recovery for patients. That meets all the aspects of better clinical quality, better quality for the patient, greater productivity, lower use of operating room time, and finally, lower costs to the care system.

Integra was founded in 1989 based on a vision to expand access to promising technology that enables the body to regenerate damaged or diseased tissue. Grounded on this vision, the company revolutionized the field of regenerative medicine and has since grown to be a leading global provider of surgical, neurologic, and regenerative care.

Integra now has a broad portfolio of products and solutions used for the management of multiple disease states, including brain tumors, traumatic brain injury, hydrocephalus, hemorrhagic stroke, and other neurological conditions. In addition, the company’s regenerative tissue technologies include products that address soft tissue, peripheral nerve, and tendon repairs and are used for the treatment of acute and chronic wounds, and burns, as well as for plastic and reconstructive surgery.

As a growing surgical solution provider, Integra’s ambition is to have a holistic toolset. The team takes the time to discuss the requirements with clients and identify the missing gaps in surgical solutions. “We have the trust of the surgeons. We want to make sure that they pretty much have a one-stop-shop opportunity when it comes to having the perfect toolset that enables them to restore their patients’ lives,” concludes De Witte.

Integra LifeSciences

Jan De Witte, President & CEO


“We enable surgeons to deliver better clinical quality at a lower cost to society. That’s the holy grail for health care these days.”