L7 Informatics - Empowering Life Sciences While Reducing Operational Costs and Driving Efficiency

As the two sides of the same coin, researchers in wet and dry labs (bioinformatics, AI/ML) work in unison to further scientific discovery. However, several challenges have been associated with connecting the wet and dry labs as well as integrating complex scientific instruments. Moreover, healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities face challenges related to data management – multiple disjointed and point IT systems have evolved over the past 20 years. L7 Informatics is taking a modern look at this architecture and building a scientific process and data platform with multiple apps on top of it. As a company specializing in laboratory automation management and automation solutions, L7 Informatics reimagines data intelligence for modern life sciences and healthcare organizations. Beyond simple data management, L7 provides tools that optimize the flow of information between process and people, unlocking innovation at every stage of the research, clinical development and manufacturing value chains. The company’s comprehensive operating environment and cloud-native software stack bring flexible, secure, and collaborative data intelligence to the entire operation, thus reducing operational costs and improving efficiency. In addition, the unified platform approach makes L7 dramatically different from its competitors – having multiple apps on a single platform reduces a lot of headaches for customers to integrate/stitch together several point solutions – and instead, use these cost savings by hiring more scientists to accelerate the science.

A Unified Solution

What makes the company stand out is its L7|ESP™ platform—an all-integrated solution including sample management, inventory management, scheduling, capacity management, LIMS, ELN, MES, etc. The company’s cloud-agnostic capability allows it to be run in any cloud without worrying about security or compliance concerns. L7’s unified solution also allows them to integrate easily with their existing systems. Moreover, L7 has built a capability that easily allows scientists to compose new workflows in the platform. “Scientists and process engineers can compose “any science” in the L7 platform, such as genomics, proteomics, mass spectrometry, flow cytometry, chemistry, cell and gene therapies, just like composing music on the iPhone or Mac with Garageband. L7 has tools that let scientists compose any scientific method or process,” explains Vasu Rangadass, Ph.D., President and CEO of L7 Informatics.

Founded in 2011, L7 Informatics’ goal has been to integrate data and process silos in healthcare and life science organizations. Today, from regulatory compliance and workflow orchestration to customized applications and integrations, L7 Informatics’ end-to-end digital transformation engine helps organizations solve the challenges of today and realize the opportunities of tomorrow. Moreover, to enable scalability with compliance, fast-growing life sciences and healthcare organizations need a unified, composable and cloud-agnostic IT platform to improve data integrity. The L7 Precision solutions can strengthen the understanding between process, product, and patient outcomes – from research-to-commercialization. “There is a direct correlation between the velocity, the quality of cell therapy manufacturing, and the patient outcomes,” points Rangadass.

In the Diagnostics arena, L7 provides Precision solutions that allow workflow automation and data compliance to automate and accelerate the diagnostic process from order-to-report.

The company’s applications are not limited to the ones scientists access but are equally applicable to operational professionals, who use the platform to optimize their operations and equipment utilization. The scheduling app essentially allows laboratories to run more efficiently and can sync their Outlook calendars to the L7 platform to better ultilize their human resources in the laboratory space. “Some of our customers are actually using these utilization reports for budgeting next year’s capital spend,” adds Rangadass.

Redefining the Way Science Works

Since opening its doors, L7 informatics has been a pioneer in delivering out-of-the-box solutions to its clientele. While explaining the value proposition of the company, Rangadass recalls an instance when the team assisted ATCC, which is a government research lab. According to the company, the client generates about 11 to 12 truckloads of paper every year. However, the company has adopted L7 Informatics’ platform to slowly digitalize all its scientific operations over the next several years. A similar case is of Jackson Labs, a 100-year-old research company with 95 labs globally replacing all their legacy systems with a single L7 platform, supporting all the labs.

According to L7, companies in the laboratory space will rely on AI and ML in the future to provide more predictions and insights, and to do that, they need strong foundational data. L7 informatics provides this robust digital data and workflow foundation.

 In the near future, L7 will be adding even more scientific and operational analytics to give customers additional insights. L7 is developing several pre-configured solution packages for genomics research, molecular diagnostics, drug development, quality control, development, and manufacturing; these packages include connectors to instruments and manufacturing equipment and commonly used scientific methods, all out of the box. These pre-configured packages will enable them to bring value to customers faster.

L7 Informatics

Vasu Rangadass, Ph.D., President & CEO


“L7 has taken a more modern approach…a unified platform system that can scale with your lab … and requires less IT resources”