Linical - Global Contract Research Organization for Full-Service Drug Development

When it comes to selecting a CRO, the intangibles are crucial. Many CROs are capable of obtaining FDA permission for Phase I clinical studies. However, rather than the goal, the selection should be based on the route. Linical is a globally recognized Contract Research Organization (CRO) specializing in cancer, vaccines, and general medicine. Linical offers a broad range of clinical services to the pharmaceutical and biotech sectors, including Phase I-IV clinical trial administration and execution.

Linical has been recognized by industry authorities as a Best CRO ViE Award nominee for 11 years in a row, after being assessed against worldwide CROs for quality of services, performance, customer happiness, Sponsor relationships, and total value given to study Sponsors. Linical was also selected as a winner of the 2020 CRO Leadership Award for Overall Compatibility in 2020, after serving a mix of major and small pharma and biotech clients. The Awards, which were presented by Life Science Leader and Clinical Leader, were based on ISR’s annual CRO Quality Benchmarking study, which assessed over 60 contract research firms on more than 20 performance measures.

Linical is well-known in the industry for its clinical trial management expertise, successful clinical oversight with a quality focus, patient recruitment and retention, and full-service solutions for Sponsors. Linical stands apart in the business because of its capacity to swiftly adapt to any problems. Linical’s quick response and execution of the Business Continuity Plan to mitigate the impact of COVID-19 on their projects were praised by clients. Linical’s devoted research specialists are quick to create, accept, and implement new procedures while upholding quality and safety requirements. Satisfied Sponsors and recurring businesses are proof of their strategy’s efficacy. Vita Lanoce, CEO of Linical Americas, says, “The future possibilities for this organization are endless, including the potential for additional expansion in North and South America as well as Australia, while continuing to enhance our reach in China and APAC.”

Linical can provide full protocol development services, drawing on years of expertise in developing and executing clinical studies to provide a high-quality protocol that fulfills all research objectives and regulatory standards. Linical uses their templates or preferred format to build a protocol that has been properly evaluated by all relevant departments, with meticulous attention to every aspect from site implementation to statistical considerations and everything in between.

Any trial’s success hinges on effective project management, and Linical’s project team will ensure that the research is finished on schedule, on budget, and with high-quality data. Linical offers a team of skilled, responsive Project Managers ready to collaborate and guarantee that each client’s specific requirements are satisfied, relying on years of relevant expertise. Linical quickly deployed innovative solutions in response to the COVID-19 situation, aligning with shifting FDA instructions to protect patient safety and trial integrity during a period of great uncertainty. Clients noted that Linical’s response was faster than other CROs, highlighting Linical’s capacity to adjust swiftly to changing situations.

Linical Clinical Research Associates (CRAs) oversee the study’s integrity, protocol adherence, measurement quality, and subject safety. Linical’s clients benefit from their worldwide monitoring and site management solutions, which are provided by an international team of skilled personnel. Linical CRAs have a minimum of five years of industry experience and are well-versed in all elements of research conducted before joining the company. CRAs are highly trained, therapeutically aligned, centrally trained, and dedicated to achieving excellence in every project they work on.

Linical has also created a specialized Clinical Research and Oversight Training Academy as well as a Study Coordinator to CRA Bridging program, where Linical selects talented professionals and cultivates their skills through an extensive training program on all aspects of clinical research and trial oversight. This one-of-a-kind initiative allows Linical to expose more people to clinical research professions while also expanding its pool of qualified clinical research assistants (CRAs) to support customers’ projects.

Linical provides electronic data capture (EDC) data management tools, allowing sponsors to construct study databases depending on budget, timeframes, study size, and clinical approach. Linical has extensive expertise dealing with a variety of data management technologies, including Medrio, Viedoc, Medidata Rave, and Oracle InForm, allowing Linical Americas to satisfy the sponsors’ data management requirements. Linical’s data management key skills arise from its understanding of standards, compliance systems, and efficient utilization of commercially available data management technologies. Linical is aiming to expand its services for a safer future. 

“The future possibilities for this organization are endless, including the potential for additional expansion in North and South America as well as Australia, while continuing to enhance our reach in China and APAC.”


Vita Lanoce