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Wednesday, November 29, 2023

CMO of the Year: Lizzy Feliciano , CMO, H1

Through the upcoming edition of Medhealth Outlook magazine, we aim to identify the emerging talents and showcase their expertise and solutions in resolving impediments and overcoming market complexities. With regard to this, a profile of the CMO, will be featured in the magazine along with an image. This write-up is intended to shed some light to our readers, your prospective clients, and business partners to develop a comprehensive understanding of CMO and their contributions to the marketing space.

The following questions will be the points of discussion.

  • In your opinion, what should be the storyline of the article? Is there a specific aspect that you would like us to highlight in this profile?
  • Could you please tell us about some of the impending challenges faced by you as a pioneer in the industry? How have you been able to address these challenges with your expertise and skills?

By far the greatest challenge (but has also proven to be my greatest opportunity) has been educating other leaders in the business in the strategic value of marketing and guiding them confidently towards greater investment and trust. My undergrad is in organizational communication so that has played a major role in my ability to translate strategic goals and objectives into tactical execution plans and building out frameworks and metrics that tie marketing results back to topline results that an entire organization can stand behind.

  • Kindly shed some light on your latest insights about your industry. How has this been helping drive your and the organization to success?

The healthcare industry is interesting. It always seems to lag behind other industries in terms of technology adoption but yet generates more than 30% of the world’s data. I’ve always said the industry is data rich and insights poor. The good news is we are seeing an acceleration in analytics and innovation in our space, Life Sciences, specifically. Teams are rallying around ways to facilitate access and understanding of not only the data they generate but data that lives outside of their four walls to improve how they operate. Our clients are leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies – so these investments they are making are imperative to accelerating the development and availability of life saving therapies.

For H1, this has created incredible opportunities. We’ve aggregated the industry’s largest unified repository of information pertaining to healthcare providers, clinical trials, diversity and healthcare institutions for the purpose of advancing medicine.

As a trusted partner to these leading organizations, our platforms help them build data-driven strategies, tie together multiple initiatives across functions like Medical, Clinical and Commercial and enable them to get their drugs and therapies to market faster.

4)  As many companies are vying for the top position, could you briefly explain how you are able to make the company stand a mile ahead from the competition in the market?

From a marketing perspective the key to our success has been our willingness to experiment, modify and measure. This is the era of flexibility in marketing because there are so many factors influencing how our buyers research, evaluate, and make decisions – if you are not paying attention, opportunity can quickly pass you by.  No two buyers take the same journey so staying ahead of the competition requires our team to constantly evaluate if the engagement we are getting across our content and channels are yielding both the quantitative and qualitative results expected and needed.

  • Could you please explain in brief about your future plans. As one of the top CMOs in the industry, how are you planning to boost your footprint?

I look forward to continuing my work here at H1 as we scale and train up the new generation of marketers.

  • Are there any other useful insights you want to add, which we might have missed out in the questionnaire?


The Healthcare SaaS business-to-business space continues to evolve rapidly, driven by technological advancements, changing customer expectations, and market dynamics. As a result, marketing continues to be a more strategic pillar within businesses. Businesses that are not investing in marketing or elevating its influence over strategic direction and product development stand to risk their position and relevancy. “Our teams are responsible for constructing the narratives and multi-faceted experiences that encourage meaningful conversations to take place with our prospective customers almost always before other functions like product and sales engage.”

To create these marketing-led connections with our buyers there are several areas my team is hyper-focused on:

  • Digitally-led Engagements: Our team is tasked with not only adopting digital marketing strategies but also ensuring our products are aligned with the broader digital transformation goals of our customers across the life sciences space.
  • Personalization and Customer-Centricity: As the space becomes more crowded, it’s more important than ever to prove to our buyers that we have a deep understanding of their pain points and key initiatives. Equally important is using data and analytics to understand their buying journey and signals so we can tailor our marketing efforts accordingly and meet them where they are.
  • Account-Based Marketing (ABM): While AMB is certainly not new to marketing – there is a bit of a learning curve for supporting functions like sales, customer success, and others. Successful ABM requires involvement from all customer-facing teams as well as a marketing tech stack that supports the creation of what I call an “Account 3600” view.
  • ContentMarketing & Thought Leadership: Creating high-quality, informative content that positions our products as solutions to industry challenges and our subject matter experts as trusted consultants in our space is also a top priority. A dynamic and well -executed content strategy is a gift that keeps giving. My team is constantly looking for ways to use our data and SMEs to highlight the value and impact to customers and promote that through a mix of channels.
  • Life-cycle Marketing: At H1 we are equally focused on retaining and expanding existing customer relationships. Our team looks at ways to remain engaged with our product users to ensure they are realizing the promised value of our solutions. Too often, there is marketing drop off once contracts are signed which creates challenges down the road.
  • Metrics and ROI: When I started my career in marketing, tracking and demonstrating the ROI of marketing investments was painful. Today, we operate in a different world where we can quickly understand what every dollar we put to work is producing. I’m known for saying “if you can’t measure it – it didn’t happen.”

If you wish to contribute further information, which you think will help us enhance your profile and the company’s profile, feel free to share those additional information with us.

I’m a 27 year veteran leading marketing AND sales for B2B SaaS and data companies of all sizes – and have helped build high-performing teams to lead GTM efforts globally. My experience expands across branding, communications, demand generation, customer experience, sales, and more.

I spend a lot of time digging into the psychology of marketing and applying that to messaging and brand exercises – helping to humanize technology by bringing the faces impacted by its use to the front (i.e., patients).

I’m passionate about leadership and mental health.

Lizzy Feliciano, H1

CMO of the Year