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Monday, August 15, 2022

Our Magazines

Highlights :
Gateway Health Partners: The Best-in-Class Expertise and High-touch Service Model
Naphcare : Addressing the Needs of Public Healthcare
Premier : Reinventing the Next Generation of Healthcare
Transaction Data Systems: The Leader in Pharmacy Software and Services

Highlights :
OpenClinica : Enabling Automated Clinical Research
Proxima CRO: The Premier Clinical and Regulatory Resource
RealTime: Streamlining Research Operations
YPrime: The Future of Clinical Research

Highlights :
Philips: Transforming Healthcare
D2 Solutions: The Point of Progress
HeartFlow: Technology Taking Care of the Heart
Medable: Research for Every One and Every Bioscience
PatientPoint: Enhance Doctor-Patient Interaction for Better Healthcare Management

Highlights :
Enlitic: Transforming Healthcare
Dyad Medical: Making medical imaging easy!
Subtle medical: Artificial Intelligence-Assisted Image Enhancement
Varex Imaging: Leader in Imaging Components Around the World

Highlights :
LabWare: The Complete Laboratory Automation Solution
Agilent: Taking Lab Management Forward
GenXys: Redefining Laboratory Management
LIMSABC: The Future Proof LIS
PathologyWatch: Easy, safe and one stop solutions for pathology needs!

Highlights :
Vitalacy: Automated Infection Control
Advanced Sterilization Products: Protecting Patients during Critical Moments
BD: Advancing Medical Research &Infection Prevention
Bondtech Corporation: AFull-service Autoclave and Infection Control Company
Condair :The Importance of Optimal Humidification for Infection Control
Sotera Health: Safeguarding Global Health with a Combined Tenure
Vomaris :Infection Management and Wound Healing