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Monday, October 25, 2021

Our Magazines

Highlights :
Consult PRO: Digitalizing the Dental Industry
BIOLASE : An Innovator in Dental Lasers
ORCA Dental AI : Combining Clinical Expertise with Machine Learning
Teledentistry : The Paradigm Shift

Lumeris : Transforming Healthcare with Technology
Accolade : Reinventing the Healthcare Experience
Biomedix : Delivering a Collaborative Care Model
Casenet : The Promise of Modern Population Health Management
Icario : Connecting People to Effective Healthcare

Dr. Vivek Hallegere Murthy:Best Physician of the Year Award 2021
DrChrono : Creating the Practice of the Future
ImagineSoftware: Markets are Changing, So is Marketing
Inbox Health: Advancing Patient Communication Technology for Medical Billers
Kareo: Streamlining Medical Billing and Patient Care

Anthony Stephen Fauci M.D: Pioneeringthe Field of Human Immunoregulation
MeMD: Adaptable Telehealth Solutions
Teladoc Health: Integrated Virtual Care Systems
Trapollo: Bringing Care Beyond Walls

Tenthpin: Life Science’s Most Trusted Advisor
Court Square Group: Remolding the Paradigm of Clinical Trial Market
Encapsia: Comprehensive Clinical Trial Management Solution
Parexel International Corporation : Accelerating Clinical Trials
Syneos Health: Integrated Biopharmaceutical Solutions

ELMC Risk Solutions: Shining A Ray Of Transparency Into the Healthcare Ecosystem
AscellaHealth: Custom-Built PBM Solutions for Specialty Pharma
Delta Care Rx: An Industry-Leading PBM Service for Hospices
SRX: Efficient Automation—Optimized Pharmacy Spend

SYNEOS HEALTH: Adding Value to Drug Discovery
CMIC Inc: Bioanalysis for non-clinical and clinical projects
FRONTAGE LABS: Unlocking a New Era of Drug Discovery
ICON: Delivering Flexible and Cost-Efficient CRO Services
NAMSA: Streamlining the Nitty-Grittiesof Medical Device Development

GE HEALTHCARE: Delivering Intelligent & Dynamic Healthcare
3SHAPE: Innovatingfor Patient CareBeyond Dentistry
CARDIOCOMM SOLUTION: Leveraging Cutting-Edge Tech to Secure Rhythm of Life
LIFE SYSTEMS INTERNATIONAL: Redefining the Cardiopulmonary Rehab Care
SMITH & NEPHEW: Zero Pressure Injuries for A Life Unlimited

CERNER CORPORATION: Reoptimizing Next-Gen Healthcare Outcomes
BEHAVIOUR IMAGING: Delivering Breakthroughs In Patient Engagement
TRIARQ HEALTH: Outstanding Outcomes Through Revenue Cycle Management
ALLSCRIPTS: Reshaping The Healthcare Expertise Through Innovation

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