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Thursday, October 5, 2023
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Making Your Healthcare Prospects Better Informed than Ever Before

While a human arsenal has all the valuable elements you can imagine, there is nothing more significant here than our tendency to grow on a consistent basis. You see, when an individual is able to get better under all possible situations, they eventually become eligible to hit upon some huge milestones. The same pattern is pretty evident across whatever we have achieved so far, with one unique piece of representation coming from an idea called technology. Technology’s emergence was anomalous from the get-go, considering it brought a set of offerings that we could have never even imagined otherwise. Nevertheless, beyond the innate quality, a lot was also predicated upon the manner in which those offerings were used. In fact, it was the latter factor that gave technology a spectrum-wide presence, including a very well-timed appearance on our healthcare block. We deem the whole foray so well-timed because it came right during the sector’s fight against its own obsolete structure. By instilling new ideas, technology was able to help healthcare in getting the edge, but even after doing so, it continued to scale up the healthcare picture in one capacity or the other. If anything, this dynamic can only grow stronger on the back of one move from Hello Heart.

Hello Heart, a digital therapeutic company based in Menlo Park, California, has officially launched a new feature, which is designed to enhance your knowhow about your cholesterol levels. Available on the Hello Heart app, the feature kicks off by allowing you to store all your cholesterol readings from different clinics and labs in one place. This information, notably enough, helps the system in alerting users about when to get tested again. You’d think that’s where it ends, but mind you, the new My Cholesterol service can also step in to schedule appointments for you at nearby clinics. Now, it’s a given that some cases will require the patient to make some big changes, so in order to implement those changes effectively, the feature comes equipped to provide you with necessary lifestyle coaching. Apart from the active measures, people who are using this service can further expect to learn their cholesterol trends over time, as well as the explanations behind them.

“We’re thrilled to launch the first cholesterol digital therapeutic, enabling the over 60% of Americans struggling with heart health to take better control via a comprehensive view of their readings, as well as personalized trends and insights. Today, patients can receive stats and figures about their health from their provider, but they may not always have the right tools to understand or take action on the results,” said Maayan Cohen, co-founder and CEO of Hello Heart.

While the solution is pretty expansive in its nature, the customized aspect makes it an important development particularly for women, who remain under-treated for heart conditions and die of heart attacks twice as much as men.

“[Women] get to the ER 38 minutes later, they don’t understand their symptoms, their clinical teams sometimes don’t understand their symptoms, and they’re just basically being ignored and then die of heart attacks, which is horrible,” Cohen said.


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