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Monday, October 25, 2021
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Making Your Recovery Fun

Even though we will probably never get a concrete answer for it, our purpose could very well be solving different aspects that directly or indirectly concern human life. After all, the evidence to back this theory up is so immense that you almost have to consider it once. Now, over the years, we have come up with some creative ways through which we can simplify these aspects, but our biggest push only arrived with technology. The reason why we deem it as superior to all our previous efforts is extensively layered, and to get a true gist of it, we must look at technology’s diverse set of achievements so far. You would think that the changing environment will hamper its ability to make a meaningful impact, but as it turns out, the utility of technology remains historical in every imaginable setting. Hence, the belief that it is the most creative and sustainable way for nurturing progression in different areas gets automatically validated. One such area where technology helped us to jostle ahead against numerous complications was of healthcare. With a unique approach, we were able to lighten up the dullness that is often placed alongside the medical sector. To this day, we have used the said approach to ease up medical issues of varying nature, and our latest attempt to do so gives a perfect window into how the sector is embracing its new identity.

Luminopia, a company based in Cambridge, Massachusetts, has conjured up a visual content system that is designed to treat amblyopia, more popularly known as lazy eye, in children. Named Luminopia One, this system looks to replace treatments like corrective glasses, eye patches, eye drops, and other related ones, which are not quite fancied by the younger generation. Instead, it hopes to make the remedial process rather fun by bringing the patient’s favorite pieces of visual content into play. Basically, all you have to do is put on a standard virtual reality headset and watch your preferred TV show or movie for at least one hour per day. Sounds simple, right? The intention here, as you can guess, is to increase kids’ compliance to the treatment by structuring it according to what they like.

Luminopia One works fulfils the medical motive by delivering different images to each eye, a technique that is supposed to encourage the use of patient’s weaker eye, thus bringing more coordination between both the eyes. In its bid to get young users to better identify with the treatment, Luminopia has partnered with a host of media companies including Sesame Workshop. Apart from that, the company has also collaborated with researchers at Boston Children’s Hospital and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology for developing a collection of algorithms, which are essential for delivering videos as therapeutic visual stimuli in real-time.

When talking about Luminopia One, company’s CEO, Scott Xiao said:

“Luminopia One reduces the contrast of the video images presented to the stronger eye and superimposes dichoptic masks on the video images presented, promoting weaker eye usage and encouraging patients’ brains to combine input from both eyes. This unique, binocular approach to treatment is one of the key advantages of our device compared to current modalities.”

As far as the recent developments in regards to the system are concerned, Luminopia One has just gone through a phase III trial, and the results from that paint a highly hopeful picture.

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Making Your Recovery Fun

Even though we will probably never get a concrete answer for it, our purpose could very well be solving different aspects that directly or...
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