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Tuesday, September 27, 2022
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Medical Care like You Have Never Seen Before

Even though it’s not always said out aloud, the fact is that human intelligence is sizably layered. We might be solution-oriented in all sorts of circumstances, but that’s not all we are looking to achieve. What we need apart from a solution is a method that helps us in deriving maximum value out of every element involved in the picture. Now, each generation has had its own take on how one can reach the point in question, and it can be safely said that all of these methods were suited to the times they were conceived in. However, if we zoom out a little and see things from a broader lens, we can conveniently make comparisons between different, and sometimes even contrasting, approaches. Once the comparison is made on such a scale, the pick for the most influential method of all-time becomes obvious. While every approach played an important role in elevating us to this level, none of them did what technology managed to do. Technology’s ability to deliver unprecedented value in every context makes for a scenario where it’s trusted to carry the load of all essential tasks in our lives. Despite the creation’s well-known ability to take up and fulfill wide-ranging responsibilities, it’s the healthcare sector where we saw technology leaving its biggest mark. With a smarter way of doing things in place, the healthcare sphere was able to rejuvenate its image amongst the general public, but it didn’t stop there. The sector has continued to evolve since then, adding new tricks to its bag, and setting the stage for a phase in healthcare that will eliminate all of our pre-conceived notions. In fact, a renewed partnership hints we might be already on the cusp of entering the said phase.

Hackensack Meridian Health, a New Jersey-based company, is expanding its partnership with Google in a bid to rewrite the way medical care is viewed across the globe. The two companies have been engaging in collaboration since 2019 in the capacity of Google analytics and cloud storage. However, as per the recent reports, they will be reworking their area of concern by adding Google Workspace services, as well AI capabilities into the picture. Hackensack’s commitment to Google Workspace will see its employees using Chrome OS devices through Citrix, which basically enables servers, desktop virtualization, and networking. These three core offerings will ensure a seamless remote working experience, therefore wholly compensating what is being missed due to a lack of on-premise activity.

On the other hand, Hackensack will be roping in Google’s AI setup for the purpose of detecting diseases like breast cancer, Covid 19, and congenital disorders among newborns in a more progressive manner.

“These initiatives will aid physicians and care teams and allow them to provide better care, at scale,” says Kash Patel, Executive Vice President and Chief Information and Digital Engagement officer at Hackensack Meridian Health,

There have been some genuine concerns about the system’s credibility when it comes to protecting the data, but for now, Hackensack is confident about its in-house NIST 800-53 Moderation Security Baseline covering that end without any lapses.


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