Mednet - Flexible and Powerful Clinical Data Management

Over the past few years, there has been a quick and substantial pivot in the way clinical trials are conducted. The industry endures many challenges such as the delay in study approvals, start dates, labor shortages, enrollment challenges, and of course the ever-evolving path toward hybrid and decentralized trials. As the clinical trials industry transforms, one thing remains constant – clinical research teams need to find ways to build and execute studies quickly and efficiently while being able to swiftly adapt to a variety of study designs and changes. Amidst these challenges, enabling businesses to accelerate clinical research with flexibility, ease-of-use, robust functionality, and affordability is Mednet—one of the most configurable, intuitive, and comprehensive eClinical solutions on the market. “We offer a unique combination of platform breadth with highly tenured and experienced quality, service and support teams – the most qualified and most responsive in the industry,” explains Rob Robertson, President & CEO, Mednet.

The company’s offering, iMednet, is a comprehensive, cloud-based, clinical data management system, centered around a robust EDC. Beyond electronic data capture, iMednet delivers a full suite of native capabilities to support the varying needs of studies, including randomization, trial supply management, adjudication, ePRO, payments, and DICOM imaging. Designed to also allow easy integrations, the platform enables research teams to meet the rapidly evolving requirements of clinical research across all study types and designs. iMednet enables users to get studies up and running quickly while ensuring easy onboarding of the entire research team and clinical trial sites.

iMednet’s comprehensive, flexible design can span all phases – from small, relatively simple Phase I trials to large, complex Phase IV trials. Moreover, being centered around a robust EDC with foundational native modules offers a unique combination of platform breadth and feature depth. This combination positions the clinical trial team for success today while simultaneously investing in later-phase efficiencies. Their common experience with tools, processes, and terminology creates a strong foundation to address later-stage trial complexity and increased trial size. Furthermore, iMednet makes it easier and more seamless to perform a variety of study tasks and processes in later phases, such as adding randomization or introduction of an adaptive design. When combined with the ability to integrate with best-in-breed partners, it delivers an optimal end-to-end solution for all study types and phases.

Built to be Intelligent and Intuitive

As a cutting-edge solutions provider, Mednet provides intelligent study-build tools and functionality that enable designers to build and execute studies in the platform as quickly as possible. The company is focused on ease-of-use through the duration of the study for all end users, including the coordinators and investigators at the clinical sites. Features like study replication, to-do lists, reusable forms, edit checks, and highly configurable CRFs help maximize efficiency, while ensuring compliance. Intelligent build tools enable teams to use wizards and other business logic to quickly design and build a study, without the need for costly programming resources.

“Our customers have the option to build the study themselves with whatever level of support is needed from our team, or we can build for them – most often in a matter of days. With each new product feature release, we simplify and shorten study build times, increase efficiency in study execution, and improve the overall user experience of the platform,” points Robertson.

Behind the platform, Mednet boasts the strength of its people. Customer relationships, quality, and trust are core to the company’s culture and critical to success, no matter how intuitive the platform. The Mednet quality and compliance team averages over 16 years of tenure, has completed hundreds of audits, and is continually building on a robust compliance strategy library that identifies industry guidances and regulations to expertly assist customers with evolving requirements. The project management team averages over 13 years of tenure, sharing depth of knowledge via a library of online courses, hands-on videos, documented best practices, and comprehensive designer guides.

A True Partnership

In addition to serving clinical research sponsors, Mednet partners with leading contract research organizations (CROs) and other consultants around the world to combine strategic expertise and technology to optimize and accelerate clinical trials. Mednet views its CRO partners as much more than a transactional relationship – they are true partners. CRO partners meet regularly with the Mednet product and operations teams, are active voices in the user group community, and collaborate with the business development team on co-marketing and co-selling opportunities. 

Too often, technology solutions force users to adapt to fit within the parameters of the software versus the other way around. “The iMednet platform allows CROs to leverage their expertise and use existing programming resources to customize the study design. This flexibility helps the CRO team respond to the differing needs of sponsors while enabling them to take the best advantage of internal skill sets and offer more valuable services,” adds Robertson.

A Continuous Evolution Path

A pioneer in electronic data capture (EDC) solutions, Mednet was founded in 2001 to enable research teams to streamline data collection and related processes. Today, medical device, pharmaceutical, and biotechnology sponsors and CROs around the world use Mednet’s technology to conduct a wide range of clinical research across nearly every therapeutic category. Thousands of studies have been conducted on the platform to date.  

Committed to continual improvement and long-term customer success, the team regularly surveys and collaborates with customers to ensure its technology and capabilities are meeting the emerging needs of the clinical research industry – actively translating requirements into their product strategy. With a development team dedicated to ongoing enhancements, the platform’s recent improvements include tools pertinent in today’s environment such as remote monitoring, ePRO, predictive resupply, and the addition of DICOM imaging.

“Since our founding over 21 years ago, the industry has evolved significantly, and so have our capabilities, but our mission remains the same,” says Robertson. “Our goal is to provide the most innovative, efficient, and effective eClinical solutions to accelerate clinical development, enabling our life science customers to focus on what matters most – improving healthcare for people worldwide.”  

“As we look at 2023 and beyond, the pace of change may not be as rigorous, but the industry has accomplished a great deal in the past few years, and so have we. We are continually evolving our platform to not only keep pace with evolving requirements, but to keep studies on track, on time and budget, and to stay ahead of future curveballs in our post-pandemic world. To do so, we remain focused on fundamental needs – accelerating clinical research with ease-of-use, flexibility, robust functionality, affordability, and stellar support,” Robertson concludes.


Rob Robertson, President & CEO

“Our goal is to provide the most innovative, efficient, and effective eClinical solutions to accelerate clinical development, enabling our life science customers to focus on what matters most – improving healthcare for people worldwide”