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Monday, September 26, 2022
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Modernizing the Fight Against a Crisis

While human beings get to have a ton of valuable elements in their arsenal, we cannot really claim to possess anything more valuable than our tendency to find solutions. This is because the stated tendency has already allowed us to hit upon some huge milestones, with technology appearing as a major part of the lot. The reason why technology deserves so much traction in these discussions is largely predicated upon its unique skill-set, which introduced us to a set of possibilities that we could have never imagined otherwise. Nevertheless, the whole runner was also, at the same time, inspired by how we applied those skills in the real-world setting. The latter component was, in fact, what gave the creation a spectrum-wide presence, including a very well-timed appearance on our healthcare block. Technology’s foray into healthcare couldn’t have arrived at a better moment, considering it came right during sector’s struggle against its own obsolete structure. This reality was fortunately revamped under the new regime, but even after realizing such a significant feat, the newfound medtech concept will continue to produce all the right goods. The same has turned more and more evident over the recent past, and a new partnership should only put it a notch above for the future.

uMETHOD, which provides precision medicine software to treat cognitive decline that can lead to Alzheimer’s disease, has officially signed off on a partnership agreement with  at-home diagnostics provider, Getlabs, to supply mobile phlebotomies to its patients in Arizona. According to certain reports, the collaboration is designed to address one of the biggest factors behind an ineffective cognitive decline care plan, and that factor is unfulfilled lab orders. To contextualize the statement, we must dive into Arizona’s ongoing public health crisis. At the moment, more than 150,000 Arizonans aged 65 and older are suffering from Alzheimer’s, while a sizeable 15-20% of Arizonans aged 60 and older have mild cognitive impairment. Now, in order to treat the stated problem, the physicians usually require a blood test report, and that’s exactly where the problem appears to be. You see, alongside their age, these patients are further limited by their cognitive issues, issues that eventually keep them from going to a lab and getting the test done. The newly-formed partnership, however, solves the stated problem rather effortlessly. Under the new program, a physician is supposed to order a blood test from Sonora Quest Laboratories — Arizona’s largest diagnostic lab. This order will then be relayed to Getlabs, who’ll send a mobile phlebotomist to administer the stated blood test at the patient’s home. Once that is done, uMETHOD will use its AI-powered platform to combine the patient’s medical history with the blood test results. The final product would be a personalized care plan that caters to the patient’s needs on a granular level. Staying on the personalized care plan, it will include things like pharmacological and supplementation-based therapies, any additional diagnostics that may be needed, nutrition gaps that need to be addressed, and medication management strategies to minimize brain fog and fall risk.

“We know that the impact of Alzheimer’s disease in Arizona is at a dire level. Early identification and subsequent treatment are essential to helping patients with cognitive decline maintain their brain health and their independent lifestyle,” said Vik Chandra, CEO of uMETHOD Health. “Our partnership with Getlabs makes diagnostics collection easy and painless, improving the odds that patients and their doctors can understand their unique biomarkers and that patients can begin their journey towards improved brain health.”

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