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Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Reimagining Your Prescription

No matter how far we get to in our lives, we cannot stop ourselves from thinking about the next step. This is because humans just aren’t constructed to stay stationary. In order to avoid becoming stagnant over time, we have to keep moving forward under all circumstances. Now, while such an approach makes sure we don’t go backwards, it also pushes us towards destinations that we were not reaching otherwise. With an arrangement of the said sort, you can always expect some really exciting by-products to emerge, and yet every pre-conceived expectation will turn meaningless once technology arrives on the scene. Right from the get-go, technology was out to exceed the established boundaries. By doing so, it took the world on a journey where human will see their growth being bolstered beyond what they thought was even possible. As if that wasn’t enough, technology also gave us a chance to enhance its structure. Of course, we took the opportunity with both hands, and whatever benefits we got out of it will be enough to cover the entire spectrum, including our healthcare sector. Technology’s foray into healthcare was a milestone moment because it literally changed the fortunes of so many people. Obsolete methods were longer keeping anyone from achieving better health. In fact, having cutting-edge tools at our disposal only made things more utopian. This patient-centric model is now expected to go up a notch, as Amazon Pharmacy delivers an interesting announcement.

Amazon Pharmacy is officially launching a new prescription discount savings card, which is focused on making drug purchases cheaper for the insured customers. Up until now, people with a health insurance have faced a notable conundrum of whether to pay the plan copay on their prescription or just access relatively lower-price through an upfront cash payment. However, even if you pick the latter option, the money never translates to a plan’s deductible or out-of-pocket maximum, therefore creating an undesirable situation for the customer. Amazon Pharmacy’s new card, MedsYourWay, solves that exact issue by counting your cash payments towards out-of-pocket maximums and deductibles. Offered in collaboration with Blue Cross Blue Shield, the service will be available to Blue Shield Plan members across 5 states i.e. New Jersey, Nebraska, Alabama, Florida, and Kansas City.

“Healthcare has big problems, and Amazon, we bring a lot of superpowers to the mix. We’re hoping that, at least in pharmacy, we can bring those forward and make the industry better,” said Dr. Nworah Ayogu, Chief Medical Officer at Amazon Pharmacy.

The unfeasible economics of America’s pharmaceuticals’ landscape currently keep 20% to 30% prescriptions from getting fulfilled, and as you can imagine, such a scenario poses all sorts of health concerns. Amidst such a glum reality, Amazon Pharmacy’s bid to reduce drug costs, increase price transparency, and extend a 24/7 access appears as just the answer we needed. Notably, MedsYourWay card only works when you are purchasing drugs from Amazon Pharmacy.


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