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Monday, October 25, 2021
Home News Setting on a Whole New Path

Setting on a Whole New Path

One of the most essential attributes of a human being is their creativity. Time and again, this attribute has proven its worth by helping us in a variety of ways. If we put it like that, then it might seem like nothing more than a nice luxurious skill, but in reality, creativity has also guided our survival in the face of most grueling adversities. When not pitted against life-threatening situations though, it has significantly improved the way we go about our daily activities, ensuring that we make the most of what we get. One such way through which it achieved the latter objective was technology. While technology is probably the best symbol of our creativity, it transcends our own imagination at the same time. One can argue that how something created by the man can outgrow him, however, the fact that it did was why we went on to clock the heights that were never even seen before.  For the first time ever, we had a tool that could solve the biggest puzzles surrounding human life, one of them being how to improve something as important as healthcare. The quality of healthcare before technology arrived was anything but satisfactory. With no answer whatsoever for many of the medical complications; the sector would repeatedly struggle to fulfill its core purpose. Nevertheless, those days are luckily behind us. The medical sector of today is unfazed by any problem. The tech-driven approach practiced within the industry right now has inspired everyone to discover a lot of things about human body that were not known for ages, thus playing a pivotal role in the pursuit of providing meaningful medical care. An example of it is recently delivered by MIT.

The researching team at MIT has come up with a technique to develop organoids through healthy, as well as cancerous pancreatic issue. This new technique will be powered by a synthetic gel that reportedly boasts the capabilities for accurately reproducing the pancreatic extracellular environment. One reason why synthetic gel technology has the promise to reinvent the concept of organoids is because of its consistency. Up until now, to achieve a similar purpose, the researchers had to rely on naturally derived materials that pose a serious challenge at the time of imitation, so being able to get uniformity amongst all the batches of organoids is, by all means, a major breakthrough.

The decision to start with pancreatic organoids was made because of poor prognosis that is often associated with this disease. It is believed that, if the researchers are able to construct an exact replica of this tumor in a sustainable way, we can very well look at a possibility of bringing down the pancreatic cancer’s mortality rate through new and more effective treatments. Once that vision is realized, there are plans to expand the organoids study to other diseases as well.

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