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Monday, October 25, 2021
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Speedy Answers on the Horizon

It’s a widely-believed notion that technology helps us to conform to our ever changing set of needs. While this is true, what doesn’t get enough credit for technology’s widespread usage is its efficiency. For years, we have managed to fulfill our needs in one way or another, but when technology turned up, it brought a sense of unmatched competence with it. We no longer had to rely on rudimentary mediums to achieve our desired result. Instead, we were suddenly working with something capable of not only completing the task but also doing it in a way that enhances value of the whole operation. This feature in particular can be easily deemed as the unique selling preposition of technology, and it’s safe to say that everyone has bought into it.

At this point, technology can very well boast a whole party of preachers. Different sectors are using it, and they are feeling the improvement around results every day. One of technology’s most dedicated followers, though, has been the healthcare sector. It’s not to say that the healthcare wasn’t doing its job before technology came around, but it was certainly not clocking the levels it’s consistently clocking today. The rigorous innovation happening around this block has delivered a ton of useful tools that are making real difference on a global scale, but the sector is far from done yet. Despite coming so much ahead from where things were, healthcare is still keeping its sight on the path yet unexplored. The idea for next few years is to expand upon the technological resources to create more refined treatments. Moves are already being made for that next step and the latest one can be observed within the Pharmtech branch.

In their bid to make drug discovery process quicker, Eli Lily and Company has struck a partnership with Ziath, a sample management firm. The partners understand that the route to get there leads through next-generation labs; therefore they’ll be using fully automated Lily Life Sciences Studio Lab in San Diego. This lab was created as a part of Lily Discovery Automation Research and Technologies Group. It will now act as the headquarters where automation engineers and scientists would be able to collaborate and figure out design, implementation, and operational structure of several automation projects.

The makeup of this lab fits well with what the two companies are trying to do. Even though it is loaded with an advanced setup, one attribute that really stands out is the presence of a magnomotion track. This track offers segregated platforms, each one focusing on an exclusive element. Once the work on these elements is done, they are brought together and controlled by an automation scheduling software.

The lab facility will also be equipped with barcode tube rack readers that will do the work of examining and identifying the position of individual samples travelling throughout the storage and processing modules in the lab.

This might just be a start, but automation looks all but ready to be the future of pharmacy.

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