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Monday, October 25, 2021
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Spotting it Quick and Easy

The assortment of needs we have is huge to say the least. Such is the size of it that we spend our entire lives trying to fulfill them, but to make things easier; we are always on the lookout for most efficient ways to achieve the purpose in question. Hence, when we eventually find one, we try to reinforce it as much as possible, and when it’s something so transformational like technology, we end up making it the centerpiece of our existence. One of the reasons why technology came to be known as a full-blown phenomenon was due to its sheer ability to satisfy our every need and desire. With such a versatile skill-set on the table, it felt only right to treat it as a go-to medium for undertaking the most essential of operations. An area, however, where technology made its one of the most important forays was the medical sector. The scaling up story of healthcare has to be one for the ages, as it literally reimagined the way we take care of our bodies. Having high-end tools working tirelessly to improve our health meant we suddenly had an answer for every medical question posed at us. Nevertheless, out of all the things technology has taught us, one is that we must not get complacent, therefore we have continued to work towards the growth of this newfound concept called MedTech. This process, in particular, has churned out many exciting tech products, and the latest one to join the party is put-forth by a Connecticut-based company, Hyperfine.

Approved by the FDA in 2020, Hyperfine’s portable MRI scanner, Swoop, is now officially available for general public. So far, the product has enjoyed great feedback, with a recent study showing that it can help in spotting hemorrhagic stroke at an precision rate that is never been clocked before, detecting 85 out 88 blood-negative cases. Swoop’s rapid detection abilities gives it an essence of a breakthrough, as there has long been a need to accelerate the diagnosis of stroke patients to give them their best possible chance at meaningful recovery. Furthermore, the ease of a portable MRI really broadens up the things for patients who might be risky to move.

When asked about what inspired the creation of Swoop, this is what Hyperfine’s CEO, David Scott had to say:

“Nearly 90% of the world does not have access to MRI systems. Hyperfine created Swoop™, the world’s first FDA-cleared bedside MRI system, with the goal to provide affordable and accessible MR imaging in an effort to democratize and revolutionize healthcare for people around the world.”

If we compare Swoop to traditional MRI scanners, we will be able to observe a clear-cut difference. For instance, Swoop delivers the scan results within a minute, while initial reports are ready for analysis in about 30 seconds. Alongside functioning potential, this portable scanner is 20 times cheaper, 10 times lighter, and consumes 35 times less power than a traditional machine.

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