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Saturday, February 4, 2023
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SPT Labtech puts Accessible Liquid Handling Automation Within Easy Reach

Cambridge, UK – February 7, 2022 – SPT Labtech, a global leader in laboratory automation for the life sciences industry, has announced the launch of apricot DC1, a versatile, 4-in-1 automated liquid handling platform, at the SLAS 2022 International Conference and Exhibition today in Boston. The launch introduces a new class of compact and accessible automated pipettor that opens up affordable opportunities for many laboratories to streamline and automate their everyday manual or semi-manual pipetting processes across a wide variety of applications.

The apricot DC1 platform is the latest addition to SPT Labtech’s apricot range of liquid handling instruments offering reliable and versatile automation solutions at exceptional value. In developing the new product, the company has drawn on many decades of expertise designing and manufacturing low-volume pipetting and dispensing instruments for high-end, dedicated applications across genomics, drug discovery, and structural biology. Incorporating unique dual-core pipetting technology, the apricot DC1 integrates four separate pipetting tools within a single benchtop unit to allow for high-volume and low-volume, single and multichannel pipetting.

Easily controlled via intuitive software, the apricot DC1 platform empowers laboratory staff, allowing them to benefit quickly from increased throughput, reliable standardization, and enhanced data quality when copying, mixing, pooling, aliquoting, and preparing the serial dilution of liquids. The out-of-the-box automation gives laboratories full walk-away capabilities without the need for costly automation experts or further investment in additional application-specific functionality.

Dr. Anne Hammerstein, Product Manager at SPT Labtech, explains: “A liquid handler with unique dual-core pipetting technology, the apricot DC1 offers the equivalent of four pipetting tools within one accessible instrument at an affordable price. This single and multi-channel pipettor handles the full µL-to-mL volume range across a 9-position deck to provide outstanding versatility across a variety of applications – from simple pipetting tasks all the way through to automated PCR/qPCR setups.”

For more information and the apricot DC1 technical specifications, please visit SPT Labtech’s launch page.

About SPT Labtech
SPT Labtech makes products that transform the way scientists work. For nearly two decades, we have provided leading laboratories with innovative solutions for liquid handling, sample preparation, and sample management. Our instruments help accelerate research and make a real difference to human health. We work collaboratively with our customers to build trusted relationships, so we can deliver exceptional, tailored experiences designed for real-world challenges in the lab. For more information, please visit https://www.sptlabtech.com/.

Press contact:
SPT Labtech
Carey Rooks
Head of Brand and Communications
Tel.: +44 07572 382300
Email: carey.rooks@sptlabtech.com
Website: https://www.sptlabtech.com/

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