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Sunday, June 4, 2023
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Taking a Deeper Look into the Reality

If we are to look back and assess our history for a second, it’s won’t take long for us to realize that we have come a long way. However, before getting to where we are today, we had to go through some really sensational highs and lows. Both the situations surely taught us a lot, but their most important lesson would end up having everything in common. You see, despite where we were in terms of circumstances, we will keep learning the significance of change time and time again. Such a dynamic set us up for constant progression, and once that happened, we never looked back. Soon enough, we were going places which weren’t even on our map initially. Now, while it’s evident that embracing change helped us in expanding our boundaries, we also notably had to take care of how we approached the whole process. As we know, humans went on to manufacture various avenues within this context, and yet none of us can say that we ever saw something like technology. Technology turned into a proper phenomenon after leaving its imprint on literally every major sector out there. Interestingly, though, the creation has only continued to build upon the said feat. The evidence for it is, in fact, popping up across the board, with its latest appearance observed in our pharmaceutical industry.

IonSense, a US-based provider of direct analysis in real time mass spectrometry (DART) for rapid mass spectral analysis, is officially a part of “Rapid Analysis of Drugs” program, which is actively operating, at the moment, in five different U.S. states. Launched by the Governor of Maryland, the program is basically designed to test drugs and other related elements through more reliable and quicker tools, and to get to that goal, IonSense now must play a huge role. The company’s DART-MS technology is expected to be given a large chunk of responsibility, but if it all works out, our entire drug screening discipline will change for the better.

“We have spent a lot of time piloting DART-MS for exactly this purpose and the results speak for themselves – they are accurate, reliable and efficient – combating many of the challenges faced by emergency workers and forensic teams who rely on such information to make informed decisions in critical situations,” said Jeff Zonderman, CEO of IonSense, when asked about his two scents on joining the program.

The incentive for using DART technology is huge. Well-equipped to analyze several particles, DART eliminates any need to prepare samples, therefore enabling the researchers in regards to rapid identification. A set-up of this sort provides the perfect complement to what Maryland is trying to do with its new initiative. Apart from Maryland, states like Virginia, Washington DC, Texas, and Alabama have also invested in the program, as they look to study illicit drugs more efficiently and counter growing overdose deaths.


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