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Monday, October 25, 2021
Home News Taking Healthcare Beyond Any Boundaries

Taking Healthcare Beyond Any Boundaries

It is a long-held belief that modern generation is the main reason why humans are becoming increasingly associated with constant change. As we know, this stands quite far from the truth. Modern or old, change has been absolutely essential to literally every generation we have had since the beginning of mankind. There was no way we could have evolved into what we are today, if it wasn’t for our ability to identify what’s required and then reworking ourselves to achieve it. However, having said that, we also cannot deny the fact that modern generation did play a bigger part in helping the world realize the importance of change. Now, such a goal can only be fulfilled with a lot of factors in play, but the biggest of them all has to be technology. When technology entered our lives, it didn’t just bring a quicker or seamless way to do things, it also fetched a sense of motivation for us to evolve in a progressively more direct and objective-oriented manner. This, in turn, enabled us to develop a hand-on approach for every undertaking of ours, thus paving a clearer way towards our growth as individuals, and as a society. It must be noted that the said pattern of growth was largely made possible by a key attribute of technology i.e. flexibility. Flexibility was what made more and more industries a part of tech revolution. Amongst the joining parties would be the medical sector, which will soon turn into MedTech for the better. The addition of technology into the equation has, more or less, transformed the way we look at healthcare. Different tech by-products have forced us to rethink our medical methodologies, but the biggest leap is still on the cards and by looking at a recently-concluded deal, we can assume it will be a reality sooner than later.

Primary and urgent care provider, Carbon Health has made the decision to expand its roster of services, and it has taken a step in that direction by acquiring Alertive Healthcare. Alertive is a widely-recognized provider of remote patient monitoring services. The company has been nurturing RPM through a variety of tools that include primary care, cardiology, neurology, nephrology, and many more. What Alertive platform does in a more actionable way is collecting physiological data across these disciplines before dispatching alerts for timely intervention.

With a platform of this nature now in its arsenal, Carbon Health will be looking to bolster up its care delivery model. The plans to do so are reportedly going to be facilitated by a mix of connected devices, wearables, and other sensors, all of them focused on making data sharing a convenient and productive process. Alertive Healthcare is Carbon’s second acquisition in a span of few months. Earlier this year, the company had purchased Steady Health, a diabetes platform provider that excels in delivering tailored care through meaningful insights. Hence, the latest deal could very well signify Carbon’s ambition to become an end-to-end telehealth powerhouse. In the company’s words, however, it intends to become “the Starbucks of healthcare”.

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