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With the changing healthcare technology, helping patients achievebetter health has become the ultimate goal for most of the healthcare technology solution providers. Though many companies struggle to achieve this goal, Teledoc, a multinational telemedicine and healthcare company is on a mission to address the full spectrum of health and well-being—not only when people are sick but also throughout their lifelong journeys to achieve better health. Teledoc is the world’s only integrated virtual care system for delivering, enabling and empowering whole-person health—from wellness and prevention to acute care to complex healthcare needs.

“Our competitive position and the strategy we’ve taken is methodically building out organically and acquiring capabilities to deliver more value for our clients and better healthcare experiences for consumers,” says Jason Gorevic, CEO.

Teladoc was one of the first telehealth providers in the United States. They have maintained a highly favorable rating among physicians and patients.Teladoc can be used for a wide range of medical issues, including pediatric services, nonemergency, medical issues, dermatological conditions, mental health consultations for issues such as depression and addiction and sexual health consultations.Teledoc’s on-demand service provides a high level of convenience and versatility, allowing users to connect with a doctor whenever the need arises. Doctors generally connect with a patient within 20 minutes of an initial request. “We’ve transformed Teladoc to define a new category of whole-person virtual care. It’s creating a revolution in making a broad range of health care options more accessible anywhere and anytime,” adds Gorevic.

The team believe in the power of virtual care to deliver exceptional healthcare at scale. The company’s medical group is comprised of esteemed providers from around the world who are focused on raising the standard for quality, patient-centered virtual care. With Teladoc, physicians are available 24/7 and service is offered in over 30 languages. According to the company, 92 percent of its clients have their medical issues addressed in a single call, eliminating the need for additional appointments and follow-ups for most users.Software, medical-grade telehealth devices and tailored services support enterprise virtual care programs. The company’s data-driven insights inspire and accelerate better health decisions.

An instance that portray Teladoc’s value proposition is when the company assisted a client manage a chronic condition that can be challenging. Every aspect of Teladoc’s digital diabetes management program is designed to optimize the member experience and drive lasting results. A study of Medicare Advantage members measured the impact of the Livongo for Diabetes program. Results indicate the program delivered measurable clinical outcomes improvement and medical claims spend reduction.Diabetes prevalence and related costs have been on an upward trend, particularly among people aged 65 and older, greatly impacting costs for Medicare Advantage plans. Addressing gaps in care for this population has the potential to improve a Medicare plan’s Star Rating performance and ultimately bend the cost trend.Livongo’s easy-to-use program is well-suited to the unique needs of older Americans. Since Livongo devices transmit data and allow two-way messaging over cellular networks out-of-the-box, members don’t need internet access or Bluetooth-compatible devices to use the program. Real-time, context-relevant digital coaching tailored for age and ability is provided in response to blood glucose checking to educate and promote continued engagement.

Committed to a culture that embraces individuality, Teladoc’s teams are accelerating the adoption of virtual care, making high-quality healthcare a reality for more people and organizations around the world. Fast, reliable, and easily-accessible, Teladoc has led the way in telemedicine for years. The company offers access to its doctors via phone calls or video conferencing, either on the web or via its smartphone app.Teladoc Health continues to leverage technology and data insights and deliver on the promise of whole-person virtual care by providing access to high-quality and personalized care anywhere.


“We’ve transformed Teladoc to define a new category of whole-person virtual care. It’s creating a revolution in making a broad range of health care options more accessible anywhere and anytime”

Teladoc Health

Jason Gorevic