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Sunday, June 4, 2023

The Robotic Recovery

The idea of how we live our life has held different meanings throughout the course of the history. Upon the completion of every step in human evolution, this meaning would rework itself, becoming more refined and in line with our growing mental capabilities. Now, as you can guess, when technology turned up on the block, this scale, which has so far seen tiny but noticeable leaps, ended up witnessing a step so big that it put us on a different trajectory altogether. All of a sudden, our way of life wasn’t just reworked, but it was recreated. A novel approach bedded itself into every major sector out there, and the results were just beyond anything we had seen before. One of the biggest transformations, however, occurred in the medical sector. The moment when technology meshed itself with healthcare couldn’t have been more opportune, as the sector’s call for some innovation had been at its loudest during that time. With this new-look healthcare, the patients were better able to trust the kind of medical attention they were getting, and that provided us with a segway into even better things. Eventually, healthcare would no longer remain about just fixing what’s wrong, but it will also concern taking care of your fitness in the most efficient way possible. Such a shift would be facilitated by advanced technologies like machine learning, IoT, and AI etc. Initially, the introduction of these concepts was done for using them in relatively lighter environments, but by the looks of it, they are now foraying into the core medical sector, and Explorer Surgical’s latest pursuit makes for a perfect example here.

Explorer Surgical, a cloud-based digital platform for surgical teams and med device companies, has finally made the decision to enter the robotic surgery game with their latest product, Explorer Live. The makeup of Explorer Live does a lot to make the surgical process more informed right from the jump. By bringing in cutting-edge video capabilities and data collection system, the technology encourages better results in terms of procedural workflows, as well as overall performance. Even though many MedTech companies are already working with idea of making robotic surgery a prevalent reality, Explorer Surgical’s take of structuring it largely around better communication offers an approach that could very well become the centerpiece in this context.

While talking about Explorer Surgical’s latest creation, the company’s CEO, Jennifer Fried went on to detail her and her team’s long-term ambition:

“Our goal is to demystify the black box of the operating room with an on-demand procedure playbook, real-time video collaboration, and performance tracking tools to support medical device companies in strengthening techniques, accelerate product adoption and support successful outcomes.”

In a bigger scheme of things, a product like Explorer Live drops a big signal over how surgical methodologies can change over time, as being able to access a comprehensive playbook prior to the surgery looks set to turn more and more normal.

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