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Monday, October 25, 2021
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Tidying Up the Healthcare System

One fact worth noting about human development is that it holds a different meaning for every individual. We do generalize a little when we talk about our progression as a society throughout the years, but in reality, we are all moving at our own pace. Now, this fact alone has contrasting standpoints to it. While growing at our own pace is something completely justified, it also means that sometimes we fail to make the most of evolution happening around us. This is something that’s not just exclusive to humans though. The conundrum of missed opportunities is also an integral part of everything that supports our lives in some way or the other. If we are to look for examples in this regard, the best place to find them would be technology’s story with us till now. When it first came around, technology looked like something out of a fiction book, but it would go on to deliver all what it promised, thus earning our trust and becoming a mainstay in our lives. However, even this brilliant creation, with all its potential, wouldn’t be able to solve every problem right away. An area of the medical field backs that claim up in an accurate manner. Even though technology has helped us in reinventing healthcare as whole, its impact on little yet important things has remained minimal. For instance, an issue of device reprocessing is still not fully resolved. Instead, the medical staff is forced to handle potentially infectious devices all the time, as they try to prepare it for re-use. An issue like this becomes even bigger during a global pandemic. Hence, we are finally making moves to edge it out, and our latest bid comes in a Boston Scientific’s brainchild.

Boston Scientific has revealed that they now have FDA’s approval to move forward with their EXALT Model B single-use bronchoscope. It will mainly be used to carry out necessary bedside procedures in intensive care units, but the device also has capabilities to deliver in an operating room setting. With high-quality imaging and suction skills, the bronchoscope makes a meaningful step towards reducing the possibilities of ineffective device reprocessing.

The EXALT Model B bronchoscope is designed to come in handy for an entire assortment of procedures that can include secretion management, airway intubation, percutaneous tracheotomy, and a lot more. Also, the device doesn’t require special training, thus any member of the medical staff can easily use it.

In a time when all the health associations are preaching the single-use bronchoscope, EXALT Model B comes as a perfect tool to help medical institutions in managing patient-care more effectively. It might not be economically feasible to rely completely on single-use devices for the future, but if used to the correct degree, they could very well become an important part of our healthcare system.

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