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Wednesday, February 21, 2024

TTG Healthcare Advisors: Creating Impactful Surgery Centers and Medical Practices

The healthcare industry is increasingly complicated. Navigating compliance, financial requirements, technology, and employees while providing quality patient care is increasingly difficult. This is where TTG Healthcare Advisors—a premier consulting and advising firm, has been creating a difference. TTG introduces expertise, resources, and workflows to help make a more efficient and financially viable operation. Since its inception in 2009, TTG Healthcare Advisors has collaborated with physicians to equip them with the tools, knowledge, and staff necessary to build a successful Surgery Center or medical practice. “Our exposure to hundreds of practices nationwide has allowed us to experience many successes and failures. We use these opportunities to customize recommended solutions for our clients. Our team assists with the implementation and integration of these tools  and  often stay involved to some degree as an additional safety-net,” points Wendy Bruno Thomson, Founder & CEO, TTG Healthcare Advisors.

When it comes to revenue cycle management in the healthcare industry, the process is quite complicated and cumbersome. TTG has designed a business intelligence tool, Vital BI, to provide an effective way to view and interpret the practice data. This information serves as the basis for many operational tweaks or strategic initiatives. TTG’s business intelligence tool, Vital BI, provides an efficient method of analyzing and auditing large amounts of information. This tool allows the team to see trends and changes at inception. These observations around billing, productivity, and profitability are critical metrics in decision-making and re-directing patterns.

Moreover, as a leader in the industry, TTG provides full-scale solutions for clients, including practice and surgery center development, strategic analysis/auditing, payer contract negotiation, credentialing, and compliance oversight. “TTG’s strategic solutions focus on understanding our client’s business and creating recommendations focused on quality patient care and financial profitability. This process involves detailed analysis of productivity, revenue cycle management and financial performance.

Our surgery center development often starts with financial projections, intended to help create the ideal surgical and payer mix.  From there, we can oversee the entire process, including preparation for licensing and accreditation. We don’t require co-ownership that many companies require, which allows for physicians to create more opportunity for themselves and colleagues,” extols Thomson.

What makes the company stand out is its unique approach to combining practical experience and complex data to design a profitable organization or facility. The company’s team of experts is also available to lead the implementation of solutions.  The most common solutions for existing practices and surgery centers is looking at provider productivity, coding, revenue cycle management trends, contractural rates and operations to identify missed opportunities.  For existing surgery centers, they focus on cost per case analysis, productivity, surgical mix and operations.  Whether it’s an existing healthcare business or new healthcare business, TTG’s knowledge is unique and definitely a value to the healthcare environment.

Another exciting factor is the company’s leadership team of passionate experts. The founder, Wendy Bruno Thomson, is a Licensed Healthcare Auditor who earned her Master’s in Business Administration.  She frequently collaborates with attorneys and clients to provide specific knowledge related to healthcare trends and industry expectations. Another senior leader at TTG, Monika Ceglowska, earned her Juris Doctor degree.  Ceglowska’s focus is contractural strategy, analysis and overall business strategy.

In addition to education, the leadership has practical career experience in corporate healthcare, private equity and insurance.  Experts like Jody Smith and Kristen Cowen often lead the implementation of solutions into medical facilities and practices.  Together, they understand how small changes can make a large impact in financial stability.

“Our unique combination of corporate and medical experience provides a fresh perspective of the business needs in a healthcare environment. This experience allows us to relate to the objectives of our client and implement solutions to help achieve their goals. Our experience and knowledge fuel our ability to customize solutions for each client. Ultimately, we strive to increase the profitability of healthcare businesses. We believe a financially successful medical facility or practice will encourage future talent to enter the industry and provide quality care for our community,” adds Thomson.

The company’s client success is measured through client’s increased profitability and increased EBITDA.  The exposure to many specialties, carriers and geographic areas provides the opportunity for more efficient insights and comparison to industry benchmarks.

TTG lays the foundation for a successful business to grow or transition. TTG’s knowledge of the healthcare market was particularly impactful during the pandemic. TTG led the acquisition of over $20 million of financial assistance for clients. The company provided tools, information, and education that were critical for the healthcare industry to manage through the difficult time.

Today, the data surrounding the healthcare business is increasingly complicated and challenging to measure. TTG is continuing to focus on the development of its business intelligence tool. “We believe the knowledge surrounding data allows us to increase our influence and education in the healthcare industry, creating a more sustainable healthcare model.”
concludes Thomson.

TTG Healthcare Advisors

Wendy Bruno Thomson, Founder & CEO
Key Leadership: Monika Ceglowska, Chief Administration Officer


“Our unique combination of corporate and medical experience provides a fresh perspective of the business needs in a healthcare environment. This experience also allows us to relate to the objectives of our client and implement solutions to help achieve their goals”