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Monday, October 25, 2021
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Whiffing the New Trend

To understand the significance of tech revolution, we must look back and assess the point from where we started off. It won’t be much of a challenge to observe some glaring limitations in there. What’s more is that these limitations appeared in a variety of areas, some of them boasting far more importance than others. For instance, before technology came around, the sheer lack of intuitiveness within our medical sector would keep us from delivering healthcare the way we desperately needed it. This had a lot more negative repercussions than you think. We know technology helps in saving a million lives every day, but what we fail to acknowledge enough is the fact that it is also ensuring a better experience for people who aren’t necessarily subjected to such a life-threatning position. In a group of this nature, we have individuals suffering from serious physical complications, which have gone largely unanswered over the years. By giving a thought to the said group, technology has created a sense of inclusivity that was never there before. This, in turn, has resulted in more and more trust being vested into our medical capabilities today. With the world dipping its feet in new waters every now and then, we can safely expect things to get even better over the course of time, and the signs of it are already apparent in Evolution Devices’ creation.

Evolution Devices, a company based in California has come out to make all the right noises with its EvoWalk digital therapy platform that is specifically designed to help patients with foot drop in walking more freely. Foot drop is often associated with conditions like muscle weakness and paralysis, causing patients to struggle while lifting the front part of their foot. The issue, as you can imagine, hampers the balance greatly, thus leading to falls. EvoWalk changes that up through electrical stimulation muscles in the leg, enabling the wearer to lift their foot at the right moment. Nevertheless, there is much more to it. The device also has data-gathering skill-sets, which offers a deeper insight into how the condition is progressing. To make the most of that data, EvoWalk connects you with a physical therapist as well, and in collaboration with the patient, the therapist develops a customized rehabilitation plan to guide you through the process.

EvoWalk provides us with a window into a new healthcare trend that encourages patients to gain more control of their recovery with the help of advanced technological tools that have taken over the industry as of late. While in EvoWalk platform’s case it was artificial intelligence pulling the strings, there are many more avenues opening up to make a unified push for your better health.

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