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A Momentous Green-light

While human beings enjoy many valuable traits at their disposal, none of them help us the way our lack of complacency does. You see, we can literally achieve everything, but with our innate ambitious nature, there are chances that we’ll keep looking for more. This dynamic will end up fetching us some unbelievable milestones through the years. Nevertheless, if we have to pick the most important of them all, we’ll have to pick technology. Technology gets to be the ultimate winner here for a variety of reasons. From reinventing the world’s identity to then building something even more momentous upon it, the creation has really done more than what we ever expected out of it. The stated reality also rings true on a rather granular level, and a sector like healthcare does a lot to testify for it. Since linking up with technology, our global healthcare sector has gone on to redeem itself in a massive way. In fact, even after transitioning to a much smarter iteration, the sphere would continue to construct new bids for growth. iSono’s latest device appears as one such bid.

iSono Health, a company which aims to make personalized breast imaging accessible to all women worldwide, has officially bagged FDA’s approval for its automated, wearable, 3D breast ultrasound. Named ATUSA, the technology is centered on machine learning models so to make the diagnosis more informed than it would be otherwise. As per certain reports, it’s also a significantly faster and more comfortable alternative to our existing methodologies within this context. Talk about the speed, the device only takes around a couple of minutes to scan the whole area and provide results. Beyond that, iSono has walked an extra yard to ensure their device is accessible for everyone at the point of care. With many females not eligible for mammograms and a whole lot stuck in areas where the technology is not available, ATUSA’s design can really be their perfect way out.

“Clinicians and women worldwide need high quality breast imaging that is accessible and efficient at scale, without the need for highly skilled operators,” said Maryam Ziaei, co-founder and CEO of iSono Health. “The portable and automated ATUSA system stands alone in comparison to other ultrasound offerings in promising to address that need. We are thrilled to be able to get ATUSA into the market and have the opportunity to help save lives.”

Interestingly enough, iSono is already working on its next few submissions to the FDA. For the long term, the company wants to validate various deep learning models that can play a big role in localization and classification of breast lesions, thus encouraging a more effective overall treatment.

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